Monday, November 24, 2014

Simply a good weekend.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it was a good, relaxed weekend. How wonderful is that?
Friday after posting I got myself dressed and Jan and i had a quick cup of coffee. Then we went to the market. While the sun was still shining, it looked a good time. Only the temperature wasn't too bright, glad we had our warm jacks, they were needed.
But for a walk it still was good and we did some good shopping there, all normal stuff, like potatoes, some fresh garlic, mandarines, chicken filets, some chicken parts to make soup off, tomatoes, stew pears, and we came back home with a filled shopping car. On the way home I even found a good box for sending some Christmas presents.

Saturday temperatures suddenly went several degrees higher, and made it more confortable to walk around.
So I went for the newspaper and just a few other things. Then I started the soup, and had a wonderful broth from the chicken parts, then at the end all other ingredients in it and we had a great soup for dinner, a big bowl, that filled our stomach!

Yesterday Jan spent a bit of time in the garden, doing some light stuff, just clearing out again, and in the mean time I was in the kitchen, preparing our dinner already. We had big tomatoes, filled with minced meat, two for each of us and I made some mashed potatoes to it and it tasted real good.
rest of the day we took it quiet, even had a little nap and in between all that, i even did a bit of designing. I hoped to have a kit for your today, but I didn;t come to that. I first wanted to finish a Christmaskit, and I almost finished another one, so no time left for a general kit to start.
Sorry ladies, to disappoint you for now.

Tomorrow Jan will have another interview at social security office, we'll see with what they come, perhaps they already have some volunteer work for him, but I think he better first has to go to his doctor's appoint at the 1st of december and then also the one in January. It is going better, but I want to be sure about it.

Oh, I also finished the Christmas wrapping, all is stashed away in the box( had just the right size), well taped and addressed, so in a few days I think. It will arrive a bit early perhaps, but this way I avoid long waiting rows at the post office and the real load of parcels and post that will be send away soon.

Then today I really have to do some serious work around here, after that relaxed weekend.
Some things just have to be done, and I want them done this week, because the time nears that we will have to decorate for Christmas. We always start that after the 5th of December, the day of our Sinterklaas, that great holiday for the children.
Oh, next week already on the 1st of December there is the start again of the WOrld Wide Christmas scarpbooking blog train, mark that date in your agenda. I am sure there will be lots of wonderful contributions again.
Time for me to finish now, do some blogreading and then get busy!

Have a wonderful day.


Edna B said...

You've been busy. It's good that the weather was nice enough to get in some fresh air. Our temps have been pretty good lately, but in a couple of days it will be much cooler again.

We have some rain and snow headed this way in time for the holiday. Thank goodness, we won't be going out in it. I've done all my shopping and we have plenty of food for the next week or so.

I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving week. My goodness, where has all the time gone? In a few days, it will be December again. I must get out to the post office maybe tomorrow to mail out a birthday box to daughter Audrey.

I wonder how all Winter storms will affect the holiday mailings this year. The weather seems to be getting more severe each year. I wonder if this is all due to climate change. Hmmmm.

Well, I must get busy and do a few things around here. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Kyra:)
First I would like to THANK you for coming to see me and leaving a sweet comment for me.Hugs! I know it has been a while since I posted anything.:)
I have been spending time CHRISTmas shopping too and wrapping presents. Jim and I had to take a couple of things back to the store. A family member told us what they wanted for CHRISTmas and we got it for them without telling them and someone else got it for them. It happens every year.LOL So...we got the second thing on their hope list.hehe
The weather demanded our attention over the weekend, and Robby and his family came to our house to spend a couple of nights.We have a basement and they don't.:)The house was full of activity from everyone being here at the same time.Then Jimmy had to go to the emergency room last night because he had an abscess burst and it bled.He is on blood thinners so we needed to let him see the Doctor.This morning we needed to take back those gifts and we shopped some...had lunch and after more shopping..came home. I am exhausted!! :) Now..I need to figure out what we will have for supper,since I didn't thaw anything out.We most likely will have a freebie night. Everyone do their own thing for supper.Raid the fridge.LOL
I am so happy that there is good news about Jan! It's nice to read that he is able to get out into his garden again.:)
Guess I ought to send friends to your blog to see what I have been up to lately.LOL

Huge hugs!!

Anonymous said...

"Happy Jingle Bells" Kyra. Many thanks for all your wonderful freebies throughout the year. Appreciated from us all. Always so generous, enjoy the festive season with your family and friends. Hugs .. Annette (Australia)