Monday, November 10, 2014

Not the best of weekends

Goodmorning everybody!

Yea, i had some trouble with my epilepsie this weekend. Always unpleasant, but it is over now.
I kept low profile Saturday and Sunday, so the rest did it's work.
On Saturday Danny and Heidi came over to look into one of the universal remote control for the TV and such. well, as I expected also Danny didn;t get a fantastic result LOL.
One is working perhaps 50%(but for me enough, it replaces the worst of remote controls with the functions we need) and for the rest I give it a cross and good blessing and we will continue with the several remotes. Oh well, perhaps soon we will order a new digital cable box with interactive tv and I can get it for a very reduced pricce and I will try to get a service guy with it, who will connect all cables and plugs and will prepare the remote control that goes with it. Then we probably are done with the several remote controls.

I finished a Christmaskit this weekend, that will be on the World Wide Christmas Scrapbooking blogtrain. Also already received the clusters from Arlene, so I just have to make a preview for them and upload them and then can send the email to Antoinette, organiser of the blogtrain every year.
Even finished another Christmaskit. Yeah, you see, slowly I am coming back into designing mood.

We also receive every other day or something some official papers from the council. We will have an interview at their office next week, and of course we have to fill in again forms to bring with us(I wonder why, they already have all they needed, but they like to give you extra work for nothing, it seems!).
But we will do our part and try to keep calm and not irritated(which is sometimes not so easy), you can catch more flies with sugar than with vinager( don;t know if this is a proper saying, but you know what i mean I hope).

Weather is not all too bad, of course temperatures have dropped now, we are in the 53 F to about 58 F at daytime. Today there is even some sunshine, so I can do with this kind of weather till next spring. I fear, it will not happen.

Last week Jan had made a kind of fruitsalad, we had too many pears and apples lying around, so that was not such a bad idea. But we had such a big bowl, that Friday afternoon I made with the biggest part of it an applestrudel. Still hade some puff pastry in the freezer, and the result wasn;t too bad. Good enough for a first try I  think.

I have a kit for you today, still one i had uploaded before the computercrash. I believe I didn;t offer this one yet.
Named Romantic at Heart. Hope you will like it.
Have a wonderful day.

Download    part 1 HERE


Edna B said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were not feeling so good over the weekend. I think getting a new cable box and remote will be your best option to get rid of all the remotes. I have that same sort of situation. I have to use one remote to turn the TV on and change channels, another to adjust the volume and change the input so that I can tape things to disc, and yet another to control the DVD box.

I think manufacturers do this just to make life more interesting for us.

Our weather in in the 50's too. However, we do have a whole week of colder air coming in just a couple of days. Brrr.

We may have to go out later to do a couple of errands, so I'd better get busy and do a few things around here. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

This is another pretty kit. I'm sure the little girls I make opages of will like what I do with their pics.

I understand about the paperwork with a govt claim. I'm lucky enough to have an advocate who really took them to task for some of their past denials. Hopefully I'll be hearing soon about the medical card I'm fighting for. It will cover anything having to do with the lungs, and will cover it 100%-doctors, meds & hospital visits. But it's taken over 3 years to get this far. The first batch of poaper I sent to them was 389 pages. I might have to send another big batch to get their attention again.

Thanks again and looking forward to the Christmas kits.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
It sounds like you have been very busy. I wish you good luck with dealing with the council...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Narnt W said...

A really beautiful kit. Thank you so very much. I am sorry to hear of your health problems and I hope all is well now.

SiskiyouSue said...

I'm sorry to hear you have had difficulty, glad you made it through. Thank you for your beautiful gift.