Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Feeling much better, hoorray.

Goodmorning everybody!

Although not yet gone completely, the cold has diminshed it's presence LOL.
It feels much better, and it is a lot easier to sit and move without having a little bucket hanging from your nose, to catch all the drops hahahaha.
Yesterday was a happy day, because the 4th of November my friend Edna had her birthday and shereached a kind of milestone in her life, turning 75 !!!!
If you are a follower of her blog, you understand me saying, she doesn;t sound like someone of 75, she is a caring but also funny individual, with her own ideas about all kind of things, writing them down in her posts, sprinkled with lots of humor.
So here again, Edna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And it would be ever so nice, if you could stop at her blog for a moment to leave her a happy wish for her birthday!

Not too much happened these last two days. Although Monday afternoon my friend Heidi came over for a quick visit, which was nice, but too short. She also brought us a couple of garden chair cushions, she doesn;t seem to use anymore( and they still look real good) and also brought us a bunch of larger pots for plants, some for indoors but also a few for outdoors. Those are always welcome!

Our Brodski is staying inside more often and for longer period. He doesn;t seem to like the autumn weather all too much. I told you he had found a new place to linger, which is my chair at the computer. well, he changed his mind. He now found out that my place at the couch is a very nice place, so as soon as I go to e.g. the kitchen and I come back he is installed cosy there. And acting VERY grumpy when I remove him to sit down myself.
As alternative he found out that the chair where I sit when Jan takes a nap on the couch, is not so bad either. There he spends about all night now. They keep amazing us, those cats!

Today looks to be a day I can go out again for a moment. Well, it is colder now, and from time to time there is a bit pf rain, but with my new jacket I should be fine. And it will feel good to have a walk again and sniff some fresh air!
Yesterday also was the last day health care came by for Jan, his leg is still holding quite well, only trouble is now that he can walk better he has more trouble again of his back!
Oh, those old bodies don;t always coorporate well, comparing of how our minds still feel(which is much younger than the years we actually haave now, bummers).
But for the moment I am already glad his leg is doing quite well, not yet 100% as it should, but perhaps it will takesome more time and we;ll see In January, when he will have his scan.

Your freebie for today are some really great clusters from Arlene, made with the Spooky Time kit.
So happy she still is making the clusters, although there was for a while my "silence"in designing.
Have a wonderful day you all!

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Edna B said...

Thank you so much Kyra for your Birthday wishes. It will be wonderful to have you join us for that "big" party in 25 years. Gosh, what a wonderful thought. All of us still here and enjoying each other.

Your Brodski is just adorable. I think he keeps picking the seats where you like to sit because he enjoys being so close to you.

Such wonderful news that Jan's leg is healing nicely. Hopefully, now his back will cooperate a bit and he will be feeling good again soon.

I'm hoping that some of the nice weather that we've been enjoying will be on it's way to you too.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Jujublu said...

thanks so much for sharing!!!