Friday, October 10, 2014

Rather good visit to hospital.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday in the afternoon we went to the appointment with the surgeon for Jan's legs.
I must say that the last couple of days it looks better and so he tells me too. Okay, here and there suddenly the pain comes back again, but it is less and he can walk now for a longer time, though it is very slowly.
After a quick view on his right leg the doctor said it looks good, the wound is healing nicely.
Because of the smaller troubles Jan still has with the leg(the left is behaving very well, now it is the right one giving him still some trouble) he still has to continue 3 times a week with the bandage and then the doctor wants to see him back in 3 months, they will do a special scan, as I understood, to see if really all is well with the vains.
So all together I can say it was good news.

But of course there also was a less nice thing in the morning at the post. We got a big envelop of the municipality, about the appliance of a social assistance benefit, and remember we already filled in several large forms with all kind of information, mainly financial. well, I thought they already had all,if missing some municipality can have information of the government, like the tax office, and about all our data is already known. But no, we will have to send copies of all kind of things, again, and reading that i felt sooooo frustrated and even angry! Can you imagine?
Okay, today I will assemble all needed(have almost all already in a fiile, hoorray), and will have to copy all. I think I better make for sure several copies of each paper, in case we will have to send more LOL.
Then within 4 working days we will have to go to an office to show our identity card and to have it copied, and probably we will get an interview in another office after a while. So they send you all around town, so far for public and governmental services!

No, I will not ramble more about it, and yes, I understand you will have to show proof of your some things, but it could be done, I think,much more efficient, all almost in one session. And without sending people to all kinds of offices all around town, and on the internet. And don;t you believe it is easy to get some proper information by phone! That's quite a different story, Yes, yes, yes, I will stop now.

Weather is, speaking temperature wise, still rather good, we only have now here and there rainshowers and at times gloomy weather, although today the sun is shining(for now).
I know, summer is over, but I can deal with nice autumn weather, that could last all the way to spring, hahaha.
Probably that will not happen, but we can always hope, isn;t it?

This evening we perhaps will watch a game of soccer of our national team. Not that I am very hopeful they will do good.  It is for qualification for the European championships in 2016, but their first game they didn't perforn well at all. So may be we will zapp around a bit, because there also is The Voice of Holland this evening and I really like that program.  I know, we could tape it, but there are still a lot of things to record, so Jan will be busy to figure out what to record on dvd and not.

Yesterday evening we had a mish mash for dinner, grin. I didn't feel up to really properly make a meal, so I just looked into the fridge. I had some minced meat, some chinese cabbage(really like the taste of it), some paprika, tomatoes. So I cooked a bit of macaroni and in the mean time stirr fried all the veggies, so that they still would be a bit crispy. Chopped onion to it, some herbes salt and pepper at the last moment added the macaroni to it and tadaa, ready. and yes, it tasted real good too. all ready in about 20 minutes ( counting also the copping of the veggies) Now that was quick!
Today is our "free"cooking day, so I have no idea yet what I will eat this evening, neither has Jan(he makes his own on Fridays, usually).
I still have some minced meta left, perhaps I can use that in a soup, for little meat balls. Hmmm, could be a good idea.

Oh, the doorbell is ringing, I think it is health care, to give Jan a new bandage.
Time for me to finish this post and get dressed too. And I have some things to do today and I want to have them done so I bid you goodbye and till Monday!
Have an awesome weekend.

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Edna B said...

I totally agree with you about the inefficiency of our government agencies. Imagine all the beautiful trees we could save if the agencies used paper wisely.

It's good to hear that Jan's wounds are beginning to heal nicely. He still should take it easy until the other leg is completely healed.

I could handle this Fall weather all Winter long instead of snow and sleet and cold too, but I doubt I will have a choice. Oh well.

Now I really must bake those cookies or they will never get done. You have a wonderful weekend my friend. Hugs, Edna B.