Friday, October 31, 2014

Creepy night to watch out!

Goodmorning everybody!

It seems that councils and governmental institutions never seem to have enough papers of you LOL.
Got a phonecall on Wednesday late in the afternoon (at about 17.30 which is late for them!!), just was busy cooking, so not a good time. Well, the lady said she still missed a bankpaper(I was surprised, because I checked 3 times before sending all), and she asked me if I could email it.
Okay, email no problem, but I never used my scan option on the printer yet, so I first said I couldn;t do that and that I would send a copy by post the next day. But here it comes: she answered that it was okay, but that the whole routine would stagnate for about 10 DAYS, because they were a bit behind in work and that a copy would have been scanned first at their office in the postroom, then all post should be sorted out for the various departments etc etc. I wonder how the people in the postroom there work then, unbelievable it should take that long. I could though bring it next day myself at the office, but it is not near from our house, it takes a tram and bus to get there and would take about 30-45 minutes! Not my idea of fun time spending.
Anyway, after we had a bite for dinner I tried to do the scan, and whoppee, it worked. Now only had to make a pdf file for it. Took me some searching(I never made a pdf file before for sending with email), but finally I managed that too. So next morning I called the lady, telling her I sent her an email.
After about 10 minutes she called back that all was recieved well.
Let's hope we soon get a letter of how the social security will pay us some survival money!

Now hopefully today it will be a more relaxed day.
Weather should be fine, even with temperatures of about 66 to even 68 F. Tomorrow about the same, no rain, some sunshine, so perhaps good time to do a bit in the garden. Jan already cut down some of the big dahlia's, and they have to be taken out and dried and stashed away till next spring.

Our Brodski suddenly found a new place to sleep, he changes that every now and then. Now he likes very much the chair in front of my computer. That's okay with me, but he gets very grumpy, when he has to move from there, because I must do something at the computer. and have to be careful not to stand up to get something and sit down without looking at my seat. Cause as soon as I lift my butts, he already jumped on the chair!

So today is Halloween. I know it is celebrated all over in the US, here in Holland they do something about it, but not as extended as overseas.
To stay a bit in the atmosphere, I've made you a little Halloween kit, named Spooky Time.
Uploaded it in two parts, so Monday you will get the other part.
Have a wonderful, not too creepy Halloween, eekh!!

Download    part 1 HERE


Edna B said...

We all must remember that the government's job is not to make life easier for us, it is to continually challenge us. I hope the results of all your hard work will pay off nicely.

We are back to the cooler weather. Only in the low 50's today, and mid 40's tonight with some rain. The whole weekend will be colder and wet.

Hopefully Pogo and I will still be able to go for our ride. If we do, I'll give you a big wave when we pass over your town. It should be somewhere between 1 and 3 a.m.

You have a fabulously wicked Halloween my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup pour ce joli cadeau