Friday, September 26, 2014

Yesterday was hospital visit.

Goodmorning everybody!

First Jan wanted to go on Wednesday, but it was very bad weather with heavy rainshowers, so he said to go next day. Still I was up on Wednesday already very early, didn;t get much sleep so I was a bit tired and took several naps during the day, still it didn;t make me feel much better.
Okay, during the night I had a better sleep, we put the alarm clock early and went to hospital at about 10.oo.
It was a hard and quite painfull adventure for Jan, he was very embarrased to not be able to wear a regular pair of trousers, his leg/foot was too swollen to fit in.
So gladly he had a jogging trousers and slippers, and he managed to get to the poli of surgery. We explained the whole thing and just after minutes an assistant of the surgeon took us in.
He took a look, called in a more experienced collegue, first they checked if the bloodstream was working well, and thank God it did. Otherwise we would have a major problem.
The second doctor took a look and then said they would try first to get rid of the swelling by fluid with a bandage.
We were sent to the wound-poli and as they didn;t had the right or enough bandage(can you imagine, in a hospital!), it was arranged that Jan get's home care 3 times a week, they ordered right away the needed special bandage, and it should arrive end of the day.
Back home Jan was real glad he could sit and lie down, and soon I got a phonecall from homecare that somebody would come in the afternoon for a take-in and so happened.
If all went well she would come today in the morning to apply the pressure bandage.
But no box arrived so I phoned the home care post to tell so, and that there was then no need for the homecare to come this morning.
Only at 8.oo o'clock this morning the box arrived. I called again and now home care will come somewhere this morning. They couldn;t tell a fix time, but I am glad Jan will have his bandage as soon as possible.
Because of the fluid and the pressure it gives( as we think so), his underleg and foot hurts a lot, avoiding him to walk a lot. To keep humour in a bit, he claims his left leg(operated too with a sten in the vain) makes him Speedy GIt looks a bit gloomy today outside,onzalez, but the right one is even worse than the speed of a turtle.
Now we will have to see if this bandage will do the trick, if not something else must cause the problem,
Then he has an appointment with a surgeon at the 9th of october and already they made another one at the 16th, if necessary.
I feel so sorry for my hubby, once helping people as home carer himself, now he is the patient.
For the moment home care and hospital planned in the bandaging for 3 months(if necessary), but I surely hope it will not take that time and that after some weeks all will be done with and that he can walk normally aagain.
Sorry for all the health stuff talking, but you can understand it is occupying our mind now.

Lucky we are heading towards some better weather again this weekend, so at least Jan can sit a bit in the garden, doing a crossword or read something, with his leg on a little bench as much as possible, and may be the special bandage will start to help and makes it possible for him to do some steps more in the garden or stand on his leg a bit longer, so he clean out some pots or something like that.
I can understand he feels kind of emprisoned at the moment, not being able to go outside and take a walk, as he does every now and then.

It looks bit of gloomy this morning, but it should clear up later today and then I will have to do some foodshopping, and there is a laundry in the machine too, and if I have energy left I will change the bed sheets,
and after all that we will have us a nice evening, I hope, with watching The Voice of Holland,
Sometimes a person can be happy with such little things LOL!

Must kick myself in the butt this weekend to write the letter to the the health payment business, a protest letter, hoping they will review their conclusion. well, they can ask for the medical reports at the hospital in writing and there is a lt more to consider now for them.
At least the next few weeks or may be months Jan will not be able to do any work I think, so let's cross fingers for a better conclusion.

Life sometimes can play funny tricks with you at moments you don;t expect it at all, but don;t worry, I am allright, and we will get through it. It feels good to talk about it here on my blog( and sometimes poor Heidi is victim too, when we talk LOL).

Now I'll wait for home care to come, hopefully she will be not too late, so I can leave for the shopping.
well, I can leave anyway, of course Jan can open the door, but I rather be present if the nurse comes along.
Must keep an eye on everything, hahahaha.

I better finish now and put on the washing machine, which contains another pair of `sports`trousers from Jan, that he can wear.(it has zippers on the side, so he can easily get his leg with bandage in it).
It´s not the most trendy looking pair of trousers, but hey, it´s warm and easy to wear, and that´s most important at the moment.

Wishing you all a great weekend and see you again on Monday.
Thanks for your visits!


Edna B said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry that Jan is having so much trouble with his leg. It's good that the nurse will come to the house though. Sometimes this is the best way to take of these things.

Hopefully, the weather will stay nice for quite a while and Jan will be able to sit outside in the garden. Maybe he could tend to some of the pots while he is sitting by a table. As long as he keeps his spirit up, he'll be okay.

You remember to take care of yourself too. This is very important. I'm wishing you a fabulous weekend my friend. Hugs ,Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Oh my, I can't imagine poor Jan who is always fixing and puttering and now to be unable to even get his trousers on. My knee went to the wind like that last year when I fell. Elevating it drinking lots of fluid seemed to wash away the swelling.

I took another nasty fall last Sunday but I didn't do too much to the knees. I always seem to "face-plant" myself when I fall. this time I just bounced off two doorways. the three doors at this end of the mobile home are sort of fixed together. no walls in between so it's not too easy to get around in here.

Anyway, I'm praying for a good outcome for Jan and for you also. God Bless you both!!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the updates Kyra. Jan has certainly had a run of bad luck with his leg not healing properly.
Hopefully the bandaging will work and his leg will heal soon.
I would be very worried if it was happening to my husband too.
I hope you both manage to have a great weekend, try to get some rest and relaxation and try not to worry too much...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Kyra:)
Thank you so much for your keeping us informed about Jan and his healing process! I know you have to be so *ready* for more improvement.
Jimmy hasn't had surgery for his blood clot in his leg.They told him that it can take up to eight months for it to dissolve with blood thinners. What is amazing to me is that a new vein is building itself around the clogged one. They discovered it the last Ultrasound that they did on him.They said that sometimes happens.:)They told him to keep his leg above his heart to keep the swelling down. It seems to be working for him.:)
It has to be so hard on Jan to be sitting so much and not able to get his hands into the gardening. When my Dad had to sit for long periods because of leg problems..he would put puzzles together at the table. He got really good at it too.:)
I sure hope YOU are taking care of YOURSELF during this time too!!

Huge hugs my friend!