Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"New governmental year"has started.

Goodmorning everybody!

Not too much to report about Jan. still walking very difficult which will be the case for longer time, I think.
But the would seems to be healing, although very slowly. He said he has less leaking from it, but still needs a proper bandage and such on it.
I will take a look at it today, as I have to help him a bit in changing it.

Yesterday we had our "Prinsesdag"again, which is the start of a new year in parliament.
Then the ministers present their plans for next year and on, our King reads the throne speach, a summary of the plans, and I pity him a bit, because he has no real influence on the content, but has to read it out loud, wether it is good or bad news.
Our queen Maxima had again a gorgeous outfir, and the weather was outstanding for the ride in the Golden Coach.  This year it was celebrated the 200 years of excistance of Prinsjesdag. I have found some photos, for you with Maxima on it.

Then, with the reading of the tjrone speach, all ministers and members of parliament are in the Ridderzaal.
And it always fun to see what creations the women wear, specially their hats.
Found a summary of them for you to watch, a couple of them had good taste, but there are some who had no good advice, or simply didn´t take it LOL.

Here a selection, not only from ministers and memebers of parliament, but also other officials that were invited.
Have fun watching them!

Already I am looking forward to our dinner today. We are having mussels today, just simply cooked and there will be one or two sauces, and some french bread with herb and garlic butter. Yummie!!!
just have to out today to fetch me fresh french bread, oh and must not forget to buy the new tv program guide for the next two weeks.

Did just a little bit of work in the garden yesterday, had to cut away branches from the ivy, before they will overgrow all. Our dahlia´s still are blooming at the full, gosh, those bulbs were a good buy.
Jan gave one of the frogs in our pond a name yesterday, Napoleon, LOL!
Ever so nice, but I am not sure i will recognize him(or her) later again. All the frogs have a bit different look, but it is hard to keep them apart ROFL.
He also noticed the return of some great tits, they spotted the little feeder I have, now Jan cannot wait till he is well enough to finish the bigger feeder and then we can watch the birdies also from the room.

That´s all for today again
Have a wonderful day and stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
A frog called Napoleon ! Oh Kyra this is so funny !!!
Thank you for the link, I really had fun watching those hats, LOL !!! maybe some of them are very expensive too...
But you're so right to laugh, because you certainly have difficult moments with Jan now.
I wish you a lot of courage and patience.
Have a wonderful week.
A big hug,

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. As you can see, mending takes time. It is sometimes hard to slow down enough to let the healing take place. But in time, Jan will be just fine. I would love to see photos of his new birdhouse when it is finished.

We have the titmice here too, and they are just adorable. The only birds here that get annoying are the black birds who come in large flocks and stay until all the food is gone. I suppose though, they are God's creatures too and need food to stay alive. Ah well.

Now I must make a post on my blog. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning! Glad you put the links on here, it is nice to see what goes on in other countries and their customs...I enjoyed the hysterical hats...LOL
Glad too that Jan is still recuperating nicely. We are all impatient when it comes to healing!
We are headed back up the temp scale to the lower 90's, but hopefully that will not be for a long stretch, the heat hasn't really been so awful this summer, but the HUMIDITY has been horrendous.
I am waiting for the appraiser to come at noon to see if the duplexes appraise enough for the money I am borrowing to purchase the other side...not worried about it, but the $600 price tag I think is a bit much, but I have no other choice. The survey is finished all we have to do is wait for the end of this long and much drawn out process....ROFL.
Going to read some blogs and get off here before he comes, have a beautiful day and I will chat with you again in a couple of days!

Edna B said...

Kyra, I have a very well deserved award for you on my blog. You have a beautiful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

I looked at the pictures of the King and Queen and they are lovely. Her gown is very striking against her fair skin and I liked the pictures.

And that's quite a coach they get to ride in.

You have a beautiful country.