Friday, August 08, 2014

Not yet back into designing

Goodmorning everybody!

No, I am not yet back into designing. still a bit searching and trying around the windows 7, and first building up my stash a bit. But I hope to start it this weekend, also, because the weather forecast speaks of rain coming in, and till now they say next week will be a bit "unsteady"weather, some sun, some rain, slightly lower temperatures.
As today should be still rather nice, Jan and I might go for a trip to the market. I am running out of vegetables a bit, could do with a big ack of potatoes, bit of fresh fruit is nice too.

We didn;t do all too much these last couple of days, just the usual housekeeping stuff, not interesting at all LOL.
About every day there is some news about the plain crash in the Ukrain, it is very hard for the search group to work there, with the instable situation there. They stopped the mission there for now, but probably they found all bodies (or parts of them, scattered around) and have been transported to our country to be identified. That still will take a long time.
Also a big load of personal belongings are brought back too.
But it is horrofying to hear the news on tv! One disater is followed up by another. All those wars and battles going on in the Middle East, with the 10.000' s of fugitives, deprived from everything, their homes, their normal life, their family members, their health, they have nothing left.
It is heatbreaking to see, and none of them really wants those wars and battles, They didn;t start them, always just a few power-loving people decide about it, and somehow they get people brainwashed, so that they get followers, but the average men and women living in an area where a war is atred, don;t want this. How can we ever change that?
Then there is another outbreak of ebola in Africa, also worrying, and very scary.
And in between you hear about earthquakes, ines that collaps and all that kind of misery.
No. large parts of the world aren;t a good place to be at the moment.
So we might say we are still belssed to live in a rather stable country, with rather good circumstances, although w have to deal with unemployment, a social security system that is dimishing(and how hard it was to accomplish a good system, and now that we have it, it is being destroyed slowly), to many taxes, etc. Yes, we are still blessed, but I wonder fo how long?

Oh my, I am sounding a bit desparate and gloomy, aren;'t I? Don not worry, I am not depressive, but just sometimes it hits my heart and I have to get it off my chest LOL!
Better we end this post on a happier note, with the second part of "Happy Feelings"
Have a wonderful weekend!

Download    part 2 HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download. I hope you are able to have a fantastic weekend.
It's so nice to be able to see nice things when there are so many sad and bad things happening.
I keep thinking that hopefully, one day, we will see a time when there is only peace in the world.
There has been too much fighting and killing for a very long time...

Edna B said...

Oh dear, you are absolutely correct about the situation in the world today. What a mess mankind has made of things. Some days I wonder if we'll ever be able to straighten it all out.

It takes a while to re-build your stash and get back into design mode. Take your time. Enjoy whatever good weather days come your way. There's only a few weeks of summer left, so enjoy it.

I think Pogo and I have an empty schedule today. Oh boy, we've been busy lately so a lazy day will feel good. You have an awesome day too my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello sweet lady! I have been super busy with the house going on the market listing and showing it, today I have an appt with the realtor as we have an offer already! Getting anxious thinking I am not ready for this....LOL!
Picked up both pieces of Happy Endings, thank you so much! Hope you get 7 down before long and can do the creating you so love.
Well, off here as I have some straightening to do before the realtor comes and must run to store for some cat food...ROFL...they do not understand I am too busy for this trip...LOL! Hugs!! Mat

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Kyra:)
So happy to see you back blogging again. I's been a little while since I have blogged any too.Life has a way of keeping me sooo busy.

I tried using Windows 7 and decided to go back to Vista.LOL time to learn another one anyway.hehe

Sure hope everything works out for Jan and he will heal quickly.:)

Yes..the world has gone crazy these days. My trust in God helps me to get through it all.:)

My puppy has been keeping me so busy lately. Teaching her to do her business outside.Know what I mean?LOL She is doing really well now. :)

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely kit with me.I LOVE IT!

Huge hugs,

Anonymous said...

Whoo ! Kyra .. This is so very pretty, sure does promote happy feelings. thanks to arlene as well, always makes lovely clusters & QP's
Hope your up and running with the computer world once more, it seems to be a thing we can't live without anymore,our lives depend on communication more-so than ever before. It is a shame though that we do not receive letters in the mail anymore either, they were much more personal and a thrill to receive. Times have changed so much with the digital world just the touch of a button away. Have a great week ahead, keep well. Hugs. Annette (Australia)