Monday, August 11, 2014

Most of weekend we had rain.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, Saturday it still was okay, but yesterday it rained almost all day!
But... we still cannot complain too much, average speaking we have still lovely weather.
Friday I first did a bit of grocerie shopping and then Jan and I decided we better go to the market that afternoon, while the weather was still sunny.
So we did and came back with some stuff, of course. Potatoes, some vegetables, some fruit.
And I couldn;t resist buying a new plant for the garden LOL. Do;t yet have a photo of it, but it will come, I hope.
It is an Echinea, in a gorgeous red/purple color.
Our sunflowers are doing not bad  this year. We have a couple that are about 2 mtr high!
Also have some smaller ones and we already decided that next year we will only have the smaller ones. There still is blooming a lot, I am very happy with a few Dianthus I bought. They are gorgeous and as long as I pick out the dead flowerheads, they keep on giving lots of flowers. I definately will have them again next year(or perhaps they will survice the winter?).
Almost every evening, before going to bed I make a quick tour in the garden with a little flash light and yesterday I really had to be careful where to put my feet, because I spotted 16 froggies hopping and sitting around. And that were only the ones I could see LOL.
Jan already said, with a big smile, that we might need to have a bigger pond next year. We'll see abut that.

Jan is getting ready to go to the hospital for an appointment with his doctor, he will get the results of the MRI and the vasculair research he had. I wonder what she will tell him. Then he also can talk about the rather poor "after-care"of the vascular research. Only now, his big bruises are slowly disappearing.
Ha, he just left, so I have peace and quiet for a moment, hahaha.

I finally started with a new kit yesterday, Till now I have only done some papers, but the start is there.

Oh, I wanted to thank all of you who left a comment or an email, concerning my computer crash, and I am very slow in answering the emails at the moment. To whom it may concern: I am NOT forgetting you, I will get back to you, okay?
Today I have Arlene's add-on to the kit Happy Feelings. You will get a quickpage, a page cluster and a frame cluster!
Now I will do some bloghopping and reading, then I can do some more on the new kit and then it will be time to do some things, like going to the drugstore for some medines and also have to check at Heidi's house and feed the fish.
Have a happy Monday!

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Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Sunshine! Hope this week ahead treats you and Jan to a good week. I've been very busy trying to keep my house clean and being available for potential buyers to come in and see....very time consuming, my 3 "girls" are no problem, but those 2 babies I am trying to find a home for are a lot of "trouble"....LOL (not really)!
I thank you for the nice gifts from Arlene. Glad you are getting comfortable enough with Windows 7 to be designing again.
Hope all goes well with Jan's visit this morning and that you get all your chores accomplished, however, enjoy that peace and quiet while you can...ROFL!
Many Hugs! Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for the lovely download. I'm glad you are doing OK and I hope that Jan's results were good ones.
Hello and Thank you to Arlene too. You do some lovely work...

Edna B said...

Hopefully, your weather is better now. Keeping my fingers crossed that Jan get a good review from his doctor.

I planted some Echinacea earlier this year, but nothing ever grew. I'm thinking that the birds may have eaten all my flower seeds. Next year, I'll plant more but I'll figure out a better way to keep the birds out until the plants are growing.

Last night Pogo and I went to the ocean to watch the super moon rise up over the water. It was AWESOME! And Pogo really enjoy walking on the beach, even went a bit into the water. We'll have to do this again before the summer is over.

Now I have to rustle up some lunch for him. You have a fabulous day my friend.

Hugs, Edna B.