Friday, August 29, 2014

Enervating week and today even more.

Goodmorning everyboday!

Gosh, it was a rather busy and for all enervating week with all those interviews and health checks and so on for Jan.
Yesterday he got a phonecall from his doctor in hospital that he has to go toan appointment today to another surgeon. It seems they have seen some narrowing vains, I think in his leg(s) and area around. So he will have to undergo a surgery to widen those vaines again, if not done, it could have rather serious consequences in not too long time.
Wow, that wasn;t news we were waiting for. We have the appointment this afternoon at 13.00 a.m. and then we get to hear the how, and when of it all.
Perhaps we shouldn;t be all too nervous about it, but i found it a bit scary and Jan even more, but as usual he tried not to show.
Before making all kind of suggestions and putting ideas in this post, I first wait what the doctor has to tell.
But this all is happening suddenly very fast.
Then he also had this interview with the occupational health lady, for now it looks as if he has a percentage of 32 for disability which isn;t enough for a proper payment, but she told she had a report of the doctor there, in which was taken a review of his health history only of last year. They have permission to ask for it with Jan's hospital doctor. So I think that isn't a good thing. A lot can change in a year's time.
well, we will get lots of paperwork send home and then we can apply for a review or even an interwies with another doctor and such.
First we will have to know now what happens with the surgery, then Jan can call the occupational health lady to tell about it and perhaps that can change a lot.
In between Jan also went for a new identity card to the council, so all week was filled with appointments and not the nicest ones.
You can guess I am not really in the mood for trying out new things on the computer and designing and such, first we will have to know more of the things that are important for the near future and first of all hopefully the surgery won;t be to heavy.

Of course we try to keep calm and forget about it all at moments and have a good laugh during a fun program on tv or so. But on the background in our heads a lot is going on.
Okay, have to get almost ready for the appointment( want to have a sandwich and another cup of coffee first, there is still time for that.
I will let you know how things evolve on Monday again.
Pretty gloomy post I think, sorry for that, but life sometimes plays funny tricks with us.
Still wishing you all a lovely weekend, and thanks for your support.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kyra... everything arrives at the same time. But you are so right : humour is very important to help you forget your worries, even if it's just for one hour...
Be strong, we will all cross our fingers and have thoughts for both of you.
Kyra, je sais que tu comprends très bien le Français, alors prends soin de toi et de Jan. Vous traversez des moments difficiles, et nous penserons bien à vous, en espérant que ce ne sera pas trop grave.
Un énorme merci pour tous les kits que tu as offerts. Grace à toi nous avons des éléments et des papiers pour scrapper pendant des années !
Courage Kyra, et à bientôt !

Edna B said...

Oh my, I do feel bad for Jan. I'll keep you both in my prayers and hope that all goes well for Jan and things work out for both of you.

Don't worry about designing and such. First you take care of the important things. You and Jan. We'll all be here if you need us. You have a sunny day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra, Thank you for the update. It is always a worry when you don't know what a doctor plans to do or even what exactly is wrong. I hope Jan's appointment went well and you both are able to enjoy your weekend...