Wednesday, July 09, 2014

We have some free space, can you imagine???

Goodmorning everybody!

First we had to deal with Jan's appointment at the hospital for results of the scoop and MRI. Scoop all fine, but his doctor wants him to have another MRI for his intestines. She wants to know for sure his vains there are still working fine and aren't narrowed a bit. If this might be the case, Jan might have to undergo a vascular angioplasty, to provoke any problems in fuiture. His doctor is very careful with him and wants to be sure all is still going well, so it isn;t said it is already the case. Hmmmmm, of course he isn;t all too happy about it, neither am I, but on the other hand better it is checked now, if  his doctor has only has a slight presumption.
Let us hope that extra MRI will prove her wrong, and that this angioplastry will not take place.

In the afternoon we gathered all the things we wanted to put on the street, and in the evening we placed it at the sidewalk. Gosh, suddenly the garden and the hallway were rather empty.
Tuesday morning the van came by to pick up all the stuff.
In early afternoon I went out for some grocerie shopping, and I was lucky, cause it almost didn;t rain at that time.

Yesterday I did some more organizing in the backroom and the extension. Almost everything has it's place again, and can you believe it? We still have place in the new racks LOL!
Jan ordered me not to be over-enthusiastic, soon enough it will be filled, but we should try to avoid that a bit. Hmmm, I wonder if that will be possible. still some stuff should be re-arranged, and then it is easy to use those rack-shelves. But we are happy at the moment we took that decision, to first have repaired the floor and get rid of most of that enormous closet and that we ought those racks.
It is much better now.

The last two days we have quite a lot of rain, not really pouring but steadily going on almost all day and evening. Today should be the worst day of the week, mostly because we have a lot of wind, also some rain, looking rather grey outside. Oh well, we can live with that for a day or two, next days temperatures will go up again for a couple of degrees, and it will be dryer, although some rain showers still could fall.
Not all too bad summer weather, because sunshine is expected too.

I think I will be a brave girl, and go out ayway today, some bills have to be payed, so i will bring them to the bank. I will just have to pick out a dryer moment. That's about all the planning I have for today, but I am sure time will fly away, as it usually does. May be I even will take out the vacuum cleaner, or I could do some ironing, all not my favourite occupations, but once started, quickly done.

Let's go on to your freebie. Today I have the clusters from Arlene, made with the At the Beach kit.
O)h, before I go on, want to tell you that Arlene added some stuff to her Etsy shop, link is
And you can also visit her Deviant art place, where she ha also lovely papers and frames, all free to download and use

Have all a wonderful day!
Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks so much Arlene, I will go visit her Esty shop, I frequently visit her deviant art site, she does have some lovely offers.
Glad the scope was good for Jan and am hoping the second MRI turns up nothing amiss.
Wish we could have some of your rain, we desperately need some more, it always rains where they have an abundance and misses us entirely...LOL. We hit 99F 2 days in a row, to be in triple digits for the rest of the staying in mostly and reading. Been using lots of ice in the water containers I have outside for the cats and birds...ROFL! But hey, it is so humid and way too warm...doesn't cool off much at night either!
President Obama will be in TX this evening for a fund raiser and will be landing at about 5 p.m. or right at the heaviest peak of traffic for those getting off work, what a headache his motorcade will cause....! Glad I don't have to be out in it!
Have a great rest of the week and yes, I am rooting for the Netherlands to win today, but oh do not envy any team against that Germany team. They massacred poor Brazil yesterday! Good luck to your team!
Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

Poor Jan, but soon all the tests will be done and he can rest easy knowing that all is well.

Wow, you've made a lot of progress on your backroom shelves. Now if only I could have some of your energy, I could clean out my computer room. lol.

It is hot here with very little rain so far. But I'm sure it will get here soon enough.

Pogo has an appointment tomorrow with a new groomer. She seems nice but we shall see. I'm very picky about who grooms my litte man.

The lunch dishes are waiting to be washed, so I must go. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely pieces.
I hope the next MRI goes well for Jan. Not very nice having operations...