Wednesday, July 02, 2014

This week we will be busy.

Goodmorning everybody!

Still having nice weather overhere, and the upcoming days it will get real warm and then temperatures will drop again, so you can speak of yoyo-behaviour LOL.
Monday afternoon Jan and I went to a DIY market, to look for some racks, but we didn;t found one that seemed good enough and not too expensive.
So yesterday we went to another one, also not real far away and there we saw one that might do its job. Only the packs where too heavy to take with us, so I said to Jan that we might ask Danny to go with him with the car and take two packs to our house.
Jan doesn't really likes to ask a favour, but this time he agreed and as we passed their house on the way back, we looked if anny was home accidentally. We know he works in turning shift, so every now and then he is home on week days.
And we were lucky, he was there. Of course it was no problem for him to help us out. So after a little chat in the garden Jan went with Danny to that DIY market, I stayed with Heidi for a bit longer and then went home (just a 10 minutes walk).

Jan wants to start painting the walls in the backroom(where the floor was repaired), and when that is done He can put together the racks and we can organize some stuff that still needs a new place after we dismanteled the big closet.
I also made an appointment for the coarse dirt van, it will pick up our stuff next Tuesday, so we still have some days to look through things and gather all we want to get rid off.
That's about all we've been up to these last couple of days, so today seems to be a good day to do some every-week grocerie-shopping.

We still have fun watching the soccer matches, yesterday there was a very exciting match between Belgium and the US, sorry for the US, but Belgium won. They are now also in the quarter finals and will play against Argentina.
We always have a kind of "soft spot"for the Belgians( we always call them our reserve-Ducthmen LOL).
Next matches will start on Friday again, so we will have two days to catch up a bit on the recorded programmes, like some detectives and nature-programs. That will be a nice change for a moment.

Time for the freebie now, it's the add-on from Arlene to the Wished you were Here kit.
Have a lovely day!
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Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
Good to hear things are going well at your place, I hope you manage to get all the things done that you want to do...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the gifts from Arlene! I did watch the soccer game this time and yes, sorry we lost, (but what a fantastically fought game) and glad it was to Belgium.
I had my annual check up yesterday, all went well, EKG etc all good...waiting for blood tests results, but no complaints from the dr or from me other than the arthritis...LOL! So after I schedule a mammogram and and eye exam, I am through again until October when I get my teeth cleaned again and my flu shot.
My sister had another heart cath yesterday, seems all is good, but she is experiencing some muscle spasms that scared her.
Still proceeding slowly on the sale of this duplex. The other side is empty right now, no renters so I am hoping the realtor gets this listed really soon. I think he finally has all the split up of monies worked out...LOL!
Well, long weekend for us, I'm staying inside in the AC and watching movies...sleeping...reading and loving on my fur babies! Y'all have a great weekend. Chat more with you next week.
Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

It's good that the backroom is coming along nicely. Maybe when this heat spell breaks here, I can start to clean out my computer room. It does need a good cleaning, but it is just too hot.

My new A/C is keeping it cooler indoors now. I really needed it because it was breathing was becoming difficult. Now things are better.

We're watching to see if Hurricane Arthur is going to come up our way or fade out to sea.

Enjoy your good weather and have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.