Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not doing a lot and still pooped out!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it sounds a bit strange, the post title. But it is completely true!
This is what happened:
Monday Jan called the plumber to make an appointment with him to come and see what has to be done and give us a price.
Well, he cme in the afternoon(just when I was taking a little nap LOL, so Jan woke me up) and imagine this: he could come the next day already to do all the work!
We only had to take everything out of a big closet, so that the guys were able to lift it and place it a bit further, that was needed because in that room we had a bad floor and he had to repair a joist.
So glad he had two strong guys with him, we never could have moved that closet.
Well, as you can gues, we have a great mess in our extension room!
Okay, so they came Thursday morning at about 10.;00 o├žlock(they first had to pick up materials from their storage).
There also had to be replaced a few old waterpipes and some taps on radiators from the central heating to open and close them if necassary.
At the time the plumber andco. where busy, I went out to do some shopping and go to the bank to pick up some money to pay the plumber.
How wonderful staedy our wobbling floor is again! And it was necessary too. We couldn;t have walked over it for long anymore without falling through it. The old joint had almost disappeared(rotted away by some earlier leaking!).
He also had to check on one radiator that suddenly didn;t want to warm up. That too is fixed.
All together they were busy the whole day. And even sawed a part from that big closet for us, so we now have a much smaller one standing there, which still has enough room for things we need to put away.
So happy with that! For the moment the closet will have to do this way, we cannot afford to buy a new one now, perhaps later we can look for some sturdy racks to replace it, we'll see.
But all day Jan and I did practically nothing, only walked around, sat a bit in the garden, looked at some things the plumber(and he also is carpenter and all) showed us, or asked us about,etc., but after finally the plumber left, we looked at eachother and said"I don;t know why I feel so pooped out, we didn;t do much, but I am glad to sit down quietely at the couch"

Well, it did took a bit of our savings(not that we have large sums there LOL), but he charged us a fair price and even did some extra work so we are very pleased we took the diecision to have it repaired now, at a time we had some extra money, and all is in good order again.
So today we will have to clear out the extension room and put all things back, which gives us good opportyunity to get rid of a lot of stuff, we still hold on too, but didn't use for a loooong time or didn;t look into(like lots of books) also.
When that is done we can start painting the walls and it will look a lot better too.
Hopefully we are done this year with rather big expenses, and no unexpected things will happen.

Now I will have to try, to let Jan work not too much, because Friday he has to go to hospital for an gastrocopie, not a nice thing to have, he has to have a minor sedation, otherwise they will not be able to get the endoscope through his throat and esophagus.

Well, enough has happened the last two days, and we still will be busy for a few days more.
But then again a part of our house will look better.

For today I have the add-on from Arlene to the Lost in a Dream kit.She made you a page-border, a page overlay and a cluster, and they look beautiful!
Have a wonderful day and till Friday again!
Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
I know that sometimes doing not very much can make you just as tired as being very busy and other times the body needs the rest to feel more energetic - strange how that works...

Edna B said...

Gosh you had a lot of work done, but that should be it for a long while. There is always something needed when you have a house. You'll feel so much better now when that last room is painted and finished and all is looking really nice again.

I know the feeling of getting tired when one doesn't really do much at all. I think that is because your body is used to being so busy all the time.

Today will be my lazy day, after doing a lot of running around yesterday. DIL Janet is coming over later today, so now I must think of what to make for our supper.

You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Since the shout box isn't working for me...I'll ask over here. Does the Lavatera have any other name? I can't find it!

Corrine Corbin said...

Thanks to Arlene for the lovely cluster to go with the Lost in a Dream kit.

I'm all finished with the big project and then sorted the files and pictures and movies on my computer to make disc for my 3 girls so everyone has pictures of dear old Mom & Dad and a few of each others children. And pictures of another generation older than me. It's nice to have something to look at when you try to tell your children about their parents etc. But I'm done with that project too. Now I'm looking for a "gently used" sewing machine. I have a couple things in mind.