Monday, June 23, 2014

Loosing track of time sometimes LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a quiet weekend, but Friday I told you that perhaps Saturday Jan and I would go to a fair? Well, good that Jan has his brain intact, cause he told me that it wasn't there yet, it takes place next Saturday LOL! So much for plans for Saturday.
But.... Friday I did go to town centre, to see if finally I could find a pair of shoes. And I did.
I even bought TWO pair of shoes. And I found them for a ver good sales price. Here is sitting a very haooy girl!
It isn;t always easy to find a god pair of shoes because I have a sooo small foot size, It is 32-33 European(which is about size 0-0,5 for UK, and size 1-2 for US), I;ll have to find them in the children's department!
But I did need some shoes for every day, and I wanted a sports looking one.
And then I found a pair of boots, ankle high, they are great for autumn and winter, because they are fur lined, nice soft and warm.
This weekend from early morning to really late evening we had to cope with some carpeting noise from our neighbours on 1st floor. I have no idea what they are working on, it sounds like they make a whole new floor, well, that's still okay, but sometimes they have some music on and on a very high level!Hope they will soon finish it, and cross my fingers that they will not touch any waterpipes! Specially annoying is the constant booming bass sounds..... BOOM<  BOOM< BOOM.
And as it is nice weather, they have their doors/windows open and then at times musci is real loud! I already asked once if they could have some consideraion with the neighbourhood, okay they turned it to a much lower level, but sometimes ....pfff.
So yesterday Jan had a little bit enough of it and started an offensive LOL.
No it wasn;t that bad, but we sometimes have a little nusic hour and yesterday he played a lot of real old songles on the turntable, and oh was it nice!
The "oldies"still are good to listen too.

I do have some new photos from the garden. One of our other dahlia's is coming to bloom. The flower isn;t yet opened completely, but look at that gorgeous color!
Then in early spring I bough a little Abutilon, and it growed rather well, still can become much bigger, but it has already lots of flowers now.
In another border I have standing Lavatera, and it is full with buds and flowers. Love that plant.
Our Petunia;s are doing well too so I made a picture of one of them, and behind it you see our green beans, starting to actually getting beans! I've put a little yellow arrow to point it out.
The few branches of the greens beans have lots of flowers, so we might have a nice little crop.
We should find a place to grow a few more vegetables next year. May be if I can find some wooden crates, we can put them together to form a small veggie garden. A garden always keeps you busy!
And now is a good time to make some notes, what grows well and what isn;t, and which plants have to be put on another place.

Today, as all days, there is the soccer event. We did see some real attracting matches and I have to congratulate the Americans with their team. They are doing really well, as some other teams too. And the "big"teams are disappointing a bit, well, some of them.
The Dutch did win their second match, with some difficulty, and today they will have to play again, which will decide who will be group winner in the 1st round. Hmmm, they will have to play Chili, and that could be a very difficult match for us.
We'll see, already nice to know that they reached already to the second round, but of course we hope they will win this match too.

Well, that's about all, I think today out house can do again with some dusting and vacuum cleaning, yesterday I already changed the bedsheets, always happy when that is done.
I have the second part of the Lost in a Dream kit for you.
Have a lovely day!!!

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra,
This kit is very beautiful, the papers terrific, and I love this little owl : thank you so much for everything !!
Sorry if I don't leave a message very often, but I've been thinking about you, because I have 2 leaks at home, and my roof has to be repared ! Yes, it's my turn.... I'm really glad to see the pictures of your flowers, and I like very much the lavateras and hydrangeas ! Thanks again Kyra, and have a wonderful week !

Edna B said...

Oh how lucky to find two pair of shoes. And they look soooo comfy! Kyra, your garden is just beautiful. I love all your flowers. It must be so wonderful to sit out there and just look at all the gorgeous blossoms.

If you don't have a whole space for veggies, consider planting them in 5 gallon buckets. Then you can place them wherever there is room. Plus the critters tend to leave them alone.

We have some noisy neighbors too. It is sad that some folks can be so inconsiderate of their neighbors. I hope yours quiet down soon. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

My, My your plants looks so lovely! Thanks so much for the balance of this great kit and I am happy you finally found you some shoes. We finally have gotten some rain, we really did need it and need lots more, but every little bit helps. Glad you are able to enjoy the soccer games, for some reason I just can't get into them. I watched m NASCAR race yesterday. Today since it is still quite wet, I think I will do some house cleaning I neglected to do over the weekend. Have a great one, chat again later! Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
It sounds like you have been very busy. Congratulations on getting your new shoes, I hope you are able to get lots of wear out of them.
Your flowers look really pretty too...