Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Busy sports week ahead.

Goodmorning everybody!

Quiet days and nights with lovely weather(okay, at night a rainshower of two), even yesterday I catched a little bit of rain, when I was out shopping.
Oh, it wasn'by far enough to soak me, I just waited for a few minutes under a shelter and voila, I could continue.
Last week i received a new bankpass from the bank, but i didn;t try it out yet. So i did yesterday and I was glad it worked well, LOL. You can laugh but it happened to Jan a couple of moths ago, he received his, and treid it out and it didn;t work! So we always keep our old one intact, and not shred it before we tried the new one a couple of times!

Before I went out for the shopping yesterday, I gave Jan a haircut. He looks a lot better now, hahaha!
Oh, Jan found us a nice little table for the garden. Till now we used an old thing, that wasn;t too steady and just a bit too small.
Yesterday he came home with a big smile on his face, carrying that table. In fact it is a camping table, so we can fold it up completely and put it away at wintertime, it even has a grip on it to carry it( and it is very light to carry). Found an image of it on the net. Probably it is not a super quality, but for now it is good enough and just a nice size.
Now one thing we should change is our rose/clematis bow. I fear it will crack sooner or later, because it is of rather low quality iron, and the rust on the connections will weaken it more and more.
I would like to make one of wood, which should be rather simple, and give it a good coat with woodstain and put it into the ground in special  supports.
Perhaps we can buy already the materials but putting it on it's place might have to wait till next spring, when I have pruned both the climbing rose and the clematis, so that they will not be damaged.
Now I also have to find a way to clean every now and then our little pond. Yes, I know, we could place a filter and all that, but we want to keep it simple.
Only our "tendants"the frogs, don;t want to wipe their feet before they jump into the water, so slowly the dirt sins to the bottom  it has to be removed every now and then.
Only I dug in the pond, so cannot easily take it out LOL. But... I think I can put a kind of low container on the bottom, perhaps even with tiny holes in it, that I can take out and then throw away the soil and such that sunk to the bottom. Just have to find the right size for it. But i think it might work. Oh sometimes so many little problems keep me busy ROFL! Nut what a great feeling if you find a workable solution, hahah!

Time to devote a bit of time to housework again today, such as some ironing and may be finally do the windows at the front. I think it will stay dry the whole day, so I should give it a try.
And the rest of the week we will be spending rather some time watching tv, cause tomorrow and next day there are the semi finals of the hockey tournament(both our teams are playing them), in the weekend the finals and tomorrow already is the start of the World Championship Soccer, and in between I believe there is also some tennis at Queens in Londen, and as we like to watch sports, we will be busy. I just don;t have to high hopes about our soccer team. Perhaps they will do better as we think , and they might grow during the matches.

Time to finish this post, but not without a freebie. This time the add-on from Arlene, and it's again a lovely one, to complete the Summer Explosion kit.She made you a spectacular page border, wonderful quickpage and great frame cluster!
Have a lovely day!
Download     HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download...

Edna B said...

That's a great table that Jan brought home. I used to keep one to use at craft fairs, but gave it away when I stopped doing the fairs.

I have had no internet or phone all day till now. Not sure what the problem was, but I'm glad to have them back.

I got a speck of energy to clean around the house so I must keep at it until I run out of energy. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks to Arlene for the lovely gifts that complete this fabulous kit from you. I need time at the computer to do something, but still a little bit of swelling in the foot so cannot sit for long periods yet.
Maybe you can use a cheesecloth type material in the bottom of the pond and pull it out once a month to empty...not sure how long it would last though....ROFL
Good luck to your teams...have a fabulous weekend ahead! hugs, Mat

Corrine Corbin said...

Thanks to you and Arlene for the Summer Explosion. Going to a birthday party tomorrow for a grandson and his son (birthdays one day apart) so a picnic in the park for both at once is what we do.

I'll be using the Summer Explosions kit for the pages from the pics at the party.