Monday, June 30, 2014

Bit akward weekend and some photos

Goodmorning everybody!

Still having rather nice weather, it's not really warm, although we can reach around 23 (ca.77 F) in the sunshine.
So we shouldn;t complain at all.
Friday we went for the scopie for Jan in the afternoon. While he was searched I had some "free"time, and there is a big shopping centre near that hospital, about 3 minutes walk, so I went there.
Didn;t even had time to go all through it, but I found some real nice little planters for cheap.
When I came back at the hospital I had to wait about 15 minutes and there Jan was back again. Perhaps still a little bit under influence of his light anaesticia, but okay.
His doctor told him already she didn;t find anything worrying, so that is good news.
Jan wanted to have some more freash air, so we went for a moment at the shoppping centre again, but (as I already thought) Jan wanted to home after walking around for about 20 minutes LOL.
Home again he took a little nap and then we had an easy dinner.

Saturdaythe weather looked ovely again so we decided to take a look at the fair(that I thought took place last week LOL), but I wasn;t feeling quite happy, had some trouble with my epilepsie, all day had to cope with little "attacks", and it's not a nice feeling.
So after a while we went home again and I took it real easy. I went to bed not too late, hoping I could `sleep it off`. Hoorray, yesterday I had no more trouble, only felt a bit pooped out.So I only did a laundry, which isn´treally straining, took a short nap in the afternoon and ordered myself to do nothing more.

Today I am feeling a lot better already, so some housework can be done, and this afternoon I think I will call the city council to ask for a coarse dirt van, hopefully they can come tomorrow, so we can put all the stuff we gathered at the street. Like part of the big closet we dismanteled, and some other things we want to get rid off.

Oh, I have news for you! Arlene, my CT, has opened a little store at Etsy, where she will sell some of her creations, like at the moment she has several packs of beautiful backgroundpapers.
She just started it, so she has to `fill the shop`with lots more, but finally she took the step.
Here is the link to her Etsy shop±

BabyBearDigitalScrap on Etsy

Take a look there, perhaps you will be tempted by her great background!

Now time for some photos I took over the weekend.
First one of the planters I bought±
Then two of little dahlia´s , they are soooo sweet an full of buds
Here my pride, LOL, the hydrangea I grew from little plant to adult, in full bloom now.
And one of our tomatoe plants, with lots of tomatoes growing in it) and we have one more, already showing start of tomatoes and still one to come, cannot wait till some of them will be ripe to eat!
News from the soccer championship, The Netherlands made it yesterday to the quarter finales, with difficulty, but okay, we are still competing.
That´s about all for now, so on to the freebie, part two of the Wished you were Here kit.
Have all a wonderful day!
Download    part 2 HERE



Edna B said...

Oh my, your flowers are just gorgeous!! You have so many tomatoes already growing. Ours are just starting to flower. It must be so relaxing and fun to sit out in your garden.

It's good news that Jan is okay. You take it easy though. Epilepsy is no fun at all, but I'm glad that you are feeling better now.

At the moment it is a cloudy day, but it is still quite early so the sun might shine later this morning.

Pretty soon I will head on home. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Kyra! Great news of Jan's need to make sure you rest enough with those little attacks so they don't become major! So happy your teams are in the quarter finals...I haven't been keeping up with them I am ashamed to say! LOL!
We got some rain last week that has really left us with some MISERABLE humid and muggy weather, quite windy too, but so very hot and heavy! TEXAS in June and July is really not very much fun to be out in, but oh how my plants and grass love the good drink they got, yesterday my hibiscus had 6 blooms open on very pretty.
Love your photos of the flowers especially your pride...that is one gorgeous hydrangea. Looks like you will have a bumper crop of tomatoes too! Fantastic!
Well, y'all have a great week and I will chat more later...will go check out Etsy for Arlene's backgrounds. Many hugs sent to you! Luv, Mat

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
Good news for you both that Jan is doing OK.
Kyra your flowers are really pretty, thank you for showing them to us and please don't go overdoing things...