Monday, May 26, 2014

Yeah, we have a new little pond!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a lovely weekend, I must say.
Apart from the elections in the whole of europe for a new European Parliament of the European Union.
I will not ramble much about it, but it is kind if destressing we hardly know the representatives in that Parliament, and we have all our doubts about the use of it. In basic the start of an European Union was good.
Had to do with trade agreements, and such, but the Union has grown to big(as a lot of people think), also too quickly, and nobody knows or undderstands really what they do. Then lots of people think the European Union and parliament is messing too much in the national politics of the countries, froming the EU. It also is consuming lots of money(talking billions), and we could use that money for our own country at the moment, with still the crisis going on.
And it is often so that decisions are kind of dictated by the bigger countries, most richer part of that EU, so is there really a democracy going on? I wonder if all the representatives still know what that word really means.

But to stay a bit in a good mood, we drop the issue LOL and go on to our ususal life and little events/
Saturday Jan and I went to the market, it was a lovely day for it, and unfortunately a lot of people thought the same. It was real crowded. But even if it was kind of hard at times to find a way through the crowd we did find the things we wanted and best of all was we found a little plastic container that we could use as little pond in our garden, and now our frogs have a bit larger space to dwell in, yeah!
It still isn't completely the perfect one, but I am already so happy we found a bigge one so I placed it yesterday . First had to dig out a few plants to make room for it, then dug in the container a bit and placed the plants back, some of them around the new pond. I even bought a little cold water plant for it, that might give a bit of extra oxygen and also will give the frogs opportunity to hid under. Plants around it still will have to grow some to hid a bit more of the edge of the container, but a start has been made.
When I removed the old little pond 3 froggies jumped out of it, LOL, and found a hidigng place somewhere in the garden, but yesterday evening a froggy found the new pond and I will go and look today if more of them will be lodging there.
I've made you a few photos of some of the already flowering plants, like my cleamtis, which has never been so full of buds as this year.
Then an early rose bush started to flower with its small flowers, also full of buds and as it is standing a little bit more in the shade, it brightens up the space with the white flowering.
I am so happy with our nasturtium, I just love that orange color, so I will take seeds from it later this year, to plant them again, it's worth the effort.
And we also have some sweet peas that started flowering. Ididn;t know what color they were, (they were grown from seeds I got from Heidi) but they have a lovely dark red.
Oh, I even did some ironing, yesterday morning, before I got dirty in the garden LOL.
Later made us a potatoe salad, filled with of course potatoes, but also dices of cucumber, and apple in it, and capers and tiny bits of baked bacon, mixed with some olive oil and little bit of maynonnaise, pepper and salt. with that we had each half a roasted (small)chicken and then strawberries with some cream. Yummie!
I have still some left over of the salad and a bit of chicken too, so I will mix the chicken into the salad, but perhaps also give a little hamburger with it and tadaaa, our diner will be ready quickly today!
Have to do a laundry again, and after that is done I can change the bedsheets and give them a wash.
Also want to make the preview for a new kit I also finished this weekend and then upload it.

Gosh, almost forgot, Friday I went to the annual checkup to the hospital for my lungs. Well, good news, nothing has changed on the photo they took of it, and values of all kind of things stayed about the same, so I was a happy girl, when I left the hospital.
Well, I h=think it's about time to post the freebie,  It's the second download of the kit "Where Dreams Begin", and Wednesday I will have the lovely add on from Arlene again.
Have a wonderful day!
Download   part 2 HERE


Edna B said...

Kyra, your flowers are just beautiful. And I love your little pond. What a wonderful idea. I've always wanted a little pond, but I never thought of something like this. Hmmm, it gives me ideas. Your clematis plant is gorgeous. I haven't seen that color before.

I'm home from work now, and happy to be here. The Mrs was just horrible last night right up until she went to bed. It must be sad to work so hard at being miserable. This is probably why her kids don't visit her very often. They all live within minutes of her house. Oh well, I hope when I am her age I am not as wicked.

The sun was shining early this morning, but it has since turned gray and the rain came. We were hoping to barbeque later today so maybe the sun will come out again later this morning. We shall see. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Radioisland said...

Sooo many thanks...for your beautyful works!!!
It´s very nice!!!
And thanks for sharing!!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely download.
It's good to hear your visit to the Dr went well.
Your plants look really nice and I hope your frogs enjoy their new pond too...

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
Thank you so much for this beautiful kit, I just love the papers !!
Your garden is a little "paradise" with this new pond and your gorgeous flowers... when I discover your pictures I just say Wow !! (and your mixed salad seems great!! I'm gonna do the same this week!).
Glad that your checkup is ok.
Have a wonderful week!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Kyra:)
What a WONDERFUL report you got from your Doctor! So happy you are maintaining a good report.:)
Your garden is LOVELY my friend!Love your new pond for the little frogs!So sorry the wind tried to tear it up after all your hard work!
WOW! What fantastic photos of your walk in the Japanese gardens.So happy you were able to enjoy the walk and share it with us.:)SO PRETTY!
I must go now but will return to catch back up on the rest of what I have missed,but first...THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your beautiful kits with me. LOVE THEM!


gypsymonkeyscrap said...

I love your flower photos! I have sweat peas that have decided to become friends with my rose bushes as they "hug them." LOL Different from your sweat peas, mine have a lavendar flower instead of red.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Lovely flowers you have and adore the idea of the small pond for your frogs...wish we had some frogs to entice, but they don't like this excessive heat and drought we have here, we have lizards and plant eating grasshoppers...LOL!
So glad all your reports came back unchanged so you must be doing something right! Congrats!!
Thanks for the rest of this lovely kit and hope you have a marvelous "hump" day for this week! Hugs, Mat