Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More photos of Japanese garden

Good morning everybody!

It is looking a bit cloudy at the moment, but later on I think we will have sun again. The last few days we had absolutely gorgeaous weather. Up to yesterday evening, then we had some thunder, along with some lightning and afterwards a nice rainshower. Oh my, all the plants were dancing around of happiness LOL.
I didn;t do too much these days, just a bit of on and off gardening(picking dead flowerheads, re-placing a few plants, etc) some reading in the sun, some shopping, a laundry but most spectacular was my visit to the hairdresser, FINALLY!
I waited so long to do so, but my hair reached a point I couldn;t do anything anymore with it, so yesterday I had a haircut. And oh my, it felt and still feels so great again.
I'll try to do some ironing today and may be I will have a quick visit to towns centre, Jan is running out a bit of his Chinese noodle soup, good excuse to go to the centre and perhaps do some window shopping( and may be I will have a great find of something LOL).

Slowly I am progressing on my knitting, I tried a few different lace patterns, none of them really so complicated, but somehow it didn;t work, I ended up with a mistake and had to pull it out again.
But now I started one that I will be able to finish and then I'll try again one of other ones again.
 Today and the next couple of days we still will have lovely weather, but with some more clouds, even some rainshwoers perhaps, and later this week the temperatures will drop some, so best to profit from the really nice weather today.
With all that sunshine and now a bit of rain and sun again, you actually can see the plants grow day by day. My clematis has already several flowers open, a sweet pea started to flower, mt beans are climbing up rather fast, lilies have buts, little anemones will start to bloom perhaps already today, out frog population is growing, LOL, even the toad seems to have a little one, crawling through the garden.
Can you tell we love our little garden???

I will show you now some more pictures of our walk to the Japanese garden,
then Friday I will have some new pictures of the garden, I guess.
Guess what, I even started a new kit, hahaha, and I hope to do some work on it this morning, I only have one paper done, but it's a start. I think it will be a rather bright and colorful one.
Okay, time to end this post, but after the photos there is of course a freebie, this time the add-on by Arlene, made with the Breathless kit. Again lovely work, specially the quickpage.
Poor thing is dealing with a messy house at the moment, a room had to be renovated, first plastering then painting and new carpet, and then she will have a fantastic room again, where she can play on the computer and make all those beautiful things!
Have a fantastic day and see you on Friday!
Just love that row of primula's!
and what about a more shady part, ground covered with all sorts of moss, and the sunlight playing through the trees, photo isn;t too bad, but doesn;t do complete justice to it. Seeing it with your own eyes, is even more beautiful.
Just loved that reflection in the water.

Visitor in the parc around the Japanese Garden.

Just loved that house. Almost looks a bit like the house of Hans and Gretel, but it's much larger!
Should be fantastic to live there, waking up every morning with the birds chirping, surrounded bu those wonderful trees, well, it specially looks good in spring and summer, but it looks lovely!

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for another lovely download.
Thank you also for allowing us to see the wonderful Japanese Garden, it looks really pretty...

Corrine Corbin said...

Oh yes the houses are quaint. Wooden raised on short stilts which allows for free air movement all around. Tatami mat floors which also allow for air flow. I put "futon" beds on the floor for my 3 daughters and they loved it. I refused to sleep on the floor so my husband caved and got a bed from the base for us. Then there were paper sliding doors between rooms, (not much privacy) and my children demolished all of them except one. I had to buy about 10 rolls of the paper used to cover the doors but "Mamasan" said she would fix the doors. Guess she knew I wasn't going to be able to make a tight pasting over the framework.

P.S. The air flow also allowed for free run by spiders which the Japanese consider special or sacred and Mamasan was very upset when she found out I had killed some of them I found crawling on my three little girls.

Sorry for the long post.Thank you for the clusters and I am thrilled to see your pictures of the garden. Absolutely beautiful.

Edna B said...

Wow, Kyra, your photos are gorgeous. I love your park visitor. It looks like a crane, similar to our sandhill crane. Just beautiful!

Yes, I can tell you love your garden, and rightly so. It sounds just beautiful. All your plants are so much ahead of ours. We are just now planting our veggies. I mostly use well started plants for veggies instead of seeds because I don't have much luck with seeds.

I can't wait to see photos of how your garden looks now. It must be such a joy to sit out there and relax with a book or knitting needle.

Now I will enjoy my coffee and catch up on my other blog readings. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
A big thank you for sharing your photos, this Japanese Garden seems so beautiful and peaceful... I would stay there for hours !! Really hope you can visit it in autumn, and share your future pictures, with different colors and other flowers...
Thank you so much for Breathless, this kit is so lovely, and Arlene made a beautiful QP again !
Have a wonderful end of week !

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks Arlene and thanks Kyra for the totally gorgeous photos. I think I will have to make a visit to mine very, very soon. They are simply peaceful and beautiful to walk through. Off for another (4th one this week) birthday lunch. Chat more tomorrow maybe! Hugs, Mat