Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Eurosivion songcontest started!

Goodmorning everybody!

Some quiet days we had. I know I posted about our kitchen last time, and that perhaps the new floorcovering would be placed by Jan, but it still has to be done. It didn;t surprise me, you know, cause I saw he had some trouble with his back after the floor cleaning adventure.
well, we have lived for a long time with just the wooden floor, so we can do that some more, and perhaps somewhere this week we can do the covering of it.

Weather is changing a bit now, but the last two days we still could be in the garden and enjoy some sunshine, but now it is grey outside, lots more wind blowing, and I think we also will have some rain today. Temperatures dropped too and it will stay that way for the next few days.

Yesterday I had a mail from Miny, that she welcomed a new baby in the family, named Benjamin.
That always is such a happy news. Minky also started a Printerest page, of which I will give you the link here

There are some beautiful things to see there , worth a visit.

Whoopee, yesterday evening we watched the first semi final of the Eurovision soncontest 2014.
And it was exciting because of the contribution of The Netherlands . We aren't doing so well in that songcontest, often even didn;t made it to the final, but we had good hopes this time. And yes, The Common Linnets made it to the final, which will be Saturday.
Here a link to a video of their performance

I think it is a beautiful song, a bit out of the ordinairy too! I noticed that this year their are much more ballad kind of songs competing, which I don;t mind at all.
Tomorrow evening will be the second semi final, and then we will see on Saturday how well The Netherlands will do there.

Oh yes, I bought some more yarn I needed for the afghan I am working on, I just hope it will be enough to finish it. I must admit, that now I have started to knit blocks with different stitches with another yarn, I left the afghan aside for a moment, but I will continue on it somewhere today or this evening. It will take a few more days and also have to see if it is big enough. (I hope so, I am not tempted to make another long part for it LOL).
Yes, I am sometimes capricious and not sticking to one thing at a time, which will do no harm, at the end all things will be finished, it just takes a bit more time, hahaha.

Today I have as freebie the clusters from Arlene she made with the kit Give me Smile.
Beautiful as ever.
Now have to get into some action, a few things I just need to do, so I wish you all a beautiful day and till Friday!

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Kyra, Deanne and Kevin thank you so much for those gorgeous scrap pages. They just loved them.

I think it will be worth waiting a bit for the kitchen floor covering to be done. It will be so nice for you.

Our weather keeps changing here too. Yesterday though, was just beautiful. It looks like today will be too. Oh my, be still my heart! Could it be that Spring is here? lol.

I've been so busy with crocheting lately that I've been neglecting things around the house. So, today I must see about getting some of the dust bunnies to move out.

DIL Janet will be coming over later, so I think we will be having spinach pizza for supper. Mmmmm! Time for me to get busy here. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Very nice Arlene. I like the dark wood frame and the flowers. I'm still struggling with the scrapbook software I use. The version I have isn't playing nice with Windows 8 or maybe visa verss. It's such a simple program that works so well with the QPs or build the page and move things around then plot in a picture. What could be more simple?
Anyway...Thank you and Arlene for your gifts.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these beautiful clusters...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks Arlene for such lovely gifts! Thanks Kyra for the lovely visit and the links...I do love the succulents for rock gardens, but I needed some color to liven and brighten up this place....most around me are "renters" and don't care about the beauty of plants, but being an "owner" I guess I have more pride in how my home looks to others....know what I mean? These plants are pretty hardy and require only once a week of watering, the (lawn) grass is really what suffers the most and must keep around the foundation of the home so as not to have cracks and breaks in the structure. (After all I am putting it up for sale now) LOL! Thanks for the link too to the Common Linnets, Miriam posted the video and the song is terrific, I am trying to see if I can purchase it, just love it! Have a terrific day my friend. Chat more on Friday! Hugs, Mat