Friday, May 30, 2014

Busy "support"weekend ahead.

Goodmorning everybody!

As promised I went to Heidi's on Wednesday afternoon to walk the doggies.
But first Jan went to hospital for the echografy and blood sample, we'll now the result next week, when he will see his doctor.
Because we were up so early, we bot took a catch up nap ;ater in the morning and I almost woke up too late for the doggies. Shows we both needed the extra sleep.
I was rather lucky, that it stayed dry when I was walking with the diggies and they were happy tro be outside for a while.

Yesterday we had a rather cold and grey day. I had to go out for a moment, but it almost felt like a day in beginning Fall! It was a big drop of temperature and about all day on and off a drizzling rain.
But this morning it looks a lot different. Sun is shining, sky is blue, with just some clouds, temperature will go up steadily in the next few days, so all looks bright again.

We will have a busy sport weekend to watch, of course there is the Giro(Italian cycling tour), tennis on Roland Garros, but most interesting for us the start of the Wold Championship Field hockey.
We have high hopes for our teams, men and women, Hopefully they will meet our expectations! Weather is going to be fine, so that's already a thing to be happy with.
This year the event is taking place in our town, lucky for us it's not too close from our area, so we will not notice a lot of the visitors.
Then there are a lot of faires taking place too this weekend, so we will have to make a kind of schedule, if we don;t want to miss the matches on tv  LOL.

If the weather stays the way it looks now, we might have a couple of hours in the garden, probably on and off sitting on a chair, because you always see something to do when you sit in the chair! Always some dead flowerheads nee to be pinched off, which keeps a plant flowering for a longer time, then you see a spot that needs bit of change, so a swap of plants could help to make it look better etc.
If you want to have a really relaxed moment in a chair, you should take a book or magazine, otherwise your eyes always see something to do!

Before posting the new freebie I must give you the link to Linda's blog again, she made an awesome quickpage with the Breathless kit, and if you go there she could do with a little hello to cheer her up, because she isn;t feeling 100%, probably she caught a bug.
Today I have part one of the kit "Time Windows", think it's a versatile kit.
Wishig you a magnificent weekend and see you again on Monday, hopefully with some good news of our hockey teams!
Download part 1 HERE

Sorry for the shoutbox, that isn;t working for a couple of day.s I sent a mail to the support section, hopefully all will be fixed soon.


Edna B said...

What a lovely idea for a kit. Very interesting. Our temps have been a bit cooler too, but hopefully this weekend will be a bit warmer.

It's good that you have been able to sit out in the garden for a bit. We are hoping to do that this weekend.

We also have to fix a bit of plumbing and a bathroom ceiling. So this weekend we'll also have to shop for supplies to do this work. Goddness, it's always something with a house.

The good part is that I can stay home all weekend. Woo Hoo. I hope your weekend is super nice too. Hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Hope to hear some great news from Jan's visit to the Doctor.:)

Sounds like you will be busy watching your sports programs.Jim has never been into the sports thing much.I went through a phase with Robby where he LOVED the Atlanta Braves baseball games.We even took him to a couple games in the stadium.He outgrew them when one of his favorites transferred to another team.LOL This was when he was a teenager and in his early twenties.:)

We don't do a lot of sitting outside around our house. The mosquitoes will eat us alive.Whenever we plan a cookout..we have to spray the yard and around the patio to keep them from "bugging" us. hehe I think it must be from all the rain we have been having.Everything stays damp especially under our maple trees.:)

Your kit is LOVELY and I sure appreciate your sharing this half.LOL Thank you! I will be sure to return for the next part!!


Linda said...

Morning Miss Kyra, yup I have a small bug, LOL Hopefully gone soon. Wanted to tell you, your garden is so pretty. Me... I have a brown thumb I think!! Hubby is the garden person here. I buy the plants, he takes care of them LOL. Have a wonderful weekend my friend and thanks for sharing your wonderful talent :)

Corrine Corbin said...

That's such a cute little pond. And your flowers are gorgeous. My dog won't let me plant anything but grass in the back wher she's fenced in. it's big but she takes it all. So I have irises in the front behind a small Japanese bridge in a rock garden.

I picked up the remaining parts of the kit from last week and the first part of this weeks. Hoping I can use them in a wedding album I'm making. Thank you so much for sharing.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely pieces.
I hope your weekend goes well and you both enjoy the fairs and TV...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks so much for the lovely kit, still trying to catch up, had to be off my feet and be lazy for a few days, went to Dr and I have bleeding behind the knee that I fell on on the 25th (my artificial knee) so all the blood pooled in my foot and ankle....looks horrible, but all is okay just time with heal it and elevation and moist heat and extra vitamin C...I told Dr. I don't have time for this and to slow down on that list....ROFL, but of course I will do everything he says...I want no problems with the knee later.
Have a great rest of the week! Hugs, Mat