Monday, April 28, 2014

Our King's Day passed in a great way.

Goodmorning everybody!

Our first "King's Day" was blessed with a wonderful weather!
Saturday morning I first watched a bit the tv, of course about the visit of the Royal Family to two towns in Holland.
I have two links for you, where you can see and read about this day and look at some photo's of the Royal Family during their visit.

Then we left around 12.30 to see some fleemarkets, it already was great to be outside.
Arrived at the long and big street (one of many) where there was a fleemarket, it was rathr crowded, but still possible to look and walk around. There was no hurry, so we looked left and right and halfway we even took something to drink.
arrived at the end of the lane, it was just a short while to walk on and arriving at Scheveningen at the beach. It was the first time this year I saw the sea again, and it was a good feeling.
But after a short walk on the boulevard we diceded to take the tram and go home. Our legs began a bit to protest, and I must say I was glad being home again at around 16.00 a.m.
I didn;t make a lot of photos during our walk(not much fun in taking pictures of a crowd) but I have a few I made on the way.
I always love to see the canals with the boats, and on a sunny day like this one, it looks even better.

Oassing a little parc I saw this group of statues, but most special about it was the nest of moorhens, and they had already youngsters, so sweet!!

Here we are at the beach, I just loved the clouds in the sky there, and I even managed to take Jan on the photo(which is always hard, because when he hotices I make a picture of him, he tries to turn his head or dive away LOL).
It still was sunny and wam enough at that time, but slowly more clouds drifted over, and we even had a bit of rain in the evening.

We spent the evening on the couch, watching tv, but with our coffee we had a little extra because of King's day, a "oranje tompouce", and it tasted good!
Here I have a picture for you:

Sunday I was a busy bee! I still had some red cabbage, and green beans, also some stew pears, I had to prepare for the freezer( well, the 1st two, the pears were for dessert after dinner), also had a laundry in the washing machine turning, and it took some time to have it all ready in freezer bags, cooling of. But now the veggie drawer in the freezer is filled well again.
That done I thought I deserved a bit of computer time, and so I did do some designing and then it already was time for dinner.
All together we had a good weekend.

As promised I post today the clusters Arlene made with the last kit, Music to my Soul. Not susch a big freebie, but the producing rate is still a bit low, somehow I seem to need more time for a kit these days.
Don;t know yet what I will do today, but I need to chenge the bedsheets again, and now that the washing machine is empty, it seems to be a good time for it.
Perhaps, if I feel up to it, I will take a quick visit to town centre, there are some little things I need to buy, so may be today is the day for it.
You all have a fantastic start of the week and see you again on Wednesday!
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Edna B said...

It sounds like your weekend was busy, yet wonderful. I looked at the links, and your Royal family is quite handsome. I recognize that photo of the river with the boathouses. What a great photo. The statue with the moorhen family was quite interesting. One of these days, I want to take Pogo to the ocean, and maybe get some new photos. It just hasn't been warm enough for that yet.

I'm at work, and soon will be heading home to my little fellow. Monday morning is the best part of the week. My work is done for another week. You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Dawn McFadden said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend and your first Kings Day

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
Perhaps to give yourself more time creating - you could separate the downloads again.
You would not have to hurry with your kits so much and we could still enjoy the work so generously given by yourself and Arlene...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

I can see why the Daddies won...that was so fun to watch, thanks for sharing the link...and thank Arlene for her lovelies as well. Love the shots of the canal and statues and am so happy you had the outing, will check out these sites you linked too in a bit, got to get busy now. Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment on all my pages I did so far. Appreciate them very much! Have a great hump day and chat more with you on Friday! Hugs, Mat