Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My hubbie surprised me, LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!
Time is slipping through my fingers again, can;t find enough time to do all things I want to in a day, and sometimes I just want to do too much and the energy is lacking a bit. Oh well, at our age we should get used to that LOL.
Ghee, Monday the temperature had dropped several degrees at once, and there were some serious rainshowers. But yesterday it already looked a bit better, large part of the day it kept dry, and we had sunshine but this whole week temperatures will not reach to the ones we had the weeks before.
Nevertheless some of that rain is welcomed by the garden, and after such a rainy day, you can see the sprouts of all the the bulbs and other plants make haste to get a bit higher and greener and such.
This is, sad enough, just the kind of weather snails seem to love. So for the the next few weeks I;ll do the evening round, to keep them away as much as possible, because they adore the tiny new leaves of seeds coming up and some spring flowering plants, like violets. Yak.

The frog family is hopping around again! Monday evening I suppose they all got out to go to a disco party or such, because when I was snailhunting, I saw about 5 of them and a toad too!
One of the frogs even hopped into the kitchen, but was removed softly by Jan LOL.
Oh yes, Jan surprised me yesterday.
I had to go out to get some presdcription at the drugstore, and something for dinner that evening, and when I came back Jan was just finished with the long curtains at the garden door. He took them off and washed them and also cleaned the windows there. I was already thinking about that job(but to get from "thinking"to "doing"is a great step ROFL) and now this sweet guy of me did the job!

Today I want to go to hospital to have the lungphoto taken, that is well in time before my appointment with the doctor there somewhere in May or June.Hopefully I will have not to wait too long there, there is no meed to make an appointment, you just can go with your doctor's paper, but sometimes it can be a kind of "rush hour".
And yesterday Jan and I both a kind of little shock when the mail arrived. Suddenly we had 6 envelopes there. 3 for each of us, from the taxoffice.!
We always get a kind of bouncing heart when we see taxoffice envelopes or council department envelopes in the mail. Often they only cost you money, but this time we were saved hahaha.
They just asked us to check the data of our accountant andif we still had our same accountant we had to do nothing, then we still were giving him full consent to do his job. Had something to do with a request for the last 3 years done by the accountant, so they sent a letter about each year seprately. What a waiste of paper. But pfffffffff, we were glad it was just that!

Today I have, as promised, the clusters from Arlene she made with the Don;t be Sad kit.
I very much like the quickpage with the quote she made.By the way, you can pick p a beautiful quickpage, made with this kit too at Linda's blog!
That will be all for today, the designing is going on a very slow pace these days, can;t seem to find enough time, and I don;t want to be at the computer in the evening( well, it happens sometimes, but it's not a "usual"thing).But Friday I have a kit for you again.
Have a nice day, hope that who ever is longing for real spring time weather will not have to wait long anymore. It's about time, all snow and cold disappears and our bodies can take in some sunshine( with nice temperatures).

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
Hope everything will be ok for you at the hospital, with the lungphoto (fingers crossed !!).
I had a big smile when I read about the "disco party" with the frogs, LOL ! you know you could even create a magical kit with these frogs !!
Great thanks to Arlene for her beautiful QP, frame and cluster. Try to have a little rest after your appointment, you already offered so many kits... Just seat in your garden with your hubby, and do nothing !!
Have a wonderful day,

Edna B said...

I think it is wonderful that Jan did the curtains and windows for you. My hubby used to share the work with me too. It is really nice. Today the temperature is going to hit 59F. Woo Hoo! Pogo and I are going to the plant shop this morning to see if we can find something nice for the garden. When we get home, I will attempt to dust a bit. Ouch! lol. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks to Arlene for the lovely gifts and I am not surprised you need some down time to rest, relax and reinvent some things for your kits. You supply us with so much I am amazed at all the ideas you come up with and all the color schemes. Thanks so very much for all your generosity in so selflessly sharing your beautiful creations.
Glad you are doing some things you really like to do too....and yes, sometimes there are not enough hours in the days....LOL!
Have a terrific day, chat more next clothes dryer just finished so need to fold and hang up the load. Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely clusters...