Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Long time no posting LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a good thing I already warned you I might not post on Monday, as I didn;t!
What happened in our Easter weekend. Well, for first weather wasn;t too bad, there were moments with sunshine and then temperature was already nice. Also some clouds came over and even we had some rain, but all together not to complain too much about it.

Let me first start with the not so nice surprise we had as starter for the weekend.I think it was on Friday evening, when I changed clothes into a comfy jogging trouwers and fleece sweatshirt, in the bedroom and as I just loooked around I noticed a strange spot on the wall near the bed. Cheking it out it felt all WET!
Oh no, please don;t tell me we had another leak !!!!!!! But it was, and from the neighbours upstairs.
So I told Jan, he came looking, and wasn;t too pleased either.
As it was a bit late already, he would go to them next day.
Okay, it wasn;t yet dripping so it could wait a bit.
But then when I wanted to go to bed and opened the duvet, I saw a strange spot on the matras, I touched it and oh my, it was moist! So that was not nice at all!
We spent the night on the couches, and we didn;t catch a lot of sleep.
Next day Jan went upstairs to tell about the leak. Seems the guy already noticed it( they seemed to have a coat of water on the floor), so he had closed the water distribution tap, and promised he would fix the problem the weekend. Funny, he had trouble with the water and didn;t come to ask if we had any trouble!!
Well, we heard he was busy all weekend and I think it is fixed now. But he didn;t bother to come down for a moment to see what damage has been made and to ask if all was okay for us now.
Perhpas he will come today, but I have no high hopes for it. But anyway, Saturday we we able to sleep again in our bed, hoorray.
Today Jan will go upstairs and summon the guy to our appartment to have a look, because it isn;t looking nice, for one part of the wall paper is getting of the wall!
I told Jan that this time the guy will have to come and fix our wall and of course the costs for it are for him. If he doesn;t want to do it(for him it is just a couple of hours work, he he young), I want to have a lot of money from him in advance so that we can hire somebody to make it look nice again.
Okay, that was the not so nice part of the weekend.

All the rest we did spent a god Easter. We didn;t go for an egg hunt in the garden, LOL, but for the evening I had a tasty meal, and I made a little tray with stuffed eggs( you know, the ones you boil the egges, cut them i halves, take out the yellow, you mix that with a bit of mustard, salt, pepper, paprika, dille and lots of mayonaise and put that mix in the white halves).
They tasted real good.
And we had some little chocolate eggs too.

Rest of the day and next day too, we just spent our time a bit in the garden, a bit knitting(just me), Jan made his swedish crosswords, watching a bit of tv, perhaps not too exciting, but ever so nice.
I also did some designing, still production rate is rather low, but nice to see still something is coming out of my hands LOL.
Next few days, the weather should be very nice, with great temperatures, so we should take advantage of that.
And on Saturday we will have our "Koningsdag" (Kings Day) as we had our Queens day for many years.Now our King will have his first one.
On that day he will visit one or two towns, and we will see that on tv all day.
But there are also a lot of activities going on that day in our town, lots and lots of faires and flee markets, so we will be busy visiting some of them. And there also will be the "geranium-market"as it is called. It's in town centre and there will be lots of stands from flower and plants growers, with lots of beautiful things and oh so dangerous!!! Aboput every year we say we will not buy any plants, but always come home with something, hahahaha.

Okay, that in short was our weekend, and Easter is over, and we really are heading a bit towards, perhaps, a nice summer?????
Most of our seeds are growing, as also the bulbs, oh my, if all will flower later we should have lots of color in the garden!

Time to finish the post now, time is running and I do have to accomlish something today, apart from sitting at the computer ROFL.
So let's go to the freebie. It's named "The Light in your eyes", in mostly blue color with a touch of yellow. Arlene made you two fantastic page borders and a sweet frame too!
I am going to open the garden doors now, to let in a bit of fresh air, sun is shining at the moment, so our cat is happy too. Every time I come into the garden he meows and is throwing himself on the ground on his back. I am supposed to great him then and caress and cuddle him a bit.LOL!
You have a wonderful day with lots of sunshine!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

oh la la ! another leak, once again... poor Kyra... Let's hope that your neighbour will pay for all the damages...!
A very big thank you for this new kit, and for Arlene's frames and borders. Your papers are terrific, and some of them will be great for pictures of my son !!! Thank you !!
Have a nice day,

Edna B said...

Oh my, I hope this upstairs neighbor gets your water damage fixed real soon. It's a shame you have had so many problems with leaky water pipes.

Have fun at the geranium market! I know how dangerous these kind of places can be. Pogo and I went to check out a new garden center, and oh my! Before I knew it, my shopping wagon was full of plants. Hmmmm, I wonder how that happened?

I can't wait to see photos of your knitting project. It must be getting quite big now. The green afghan I am working on is more than half finished. I will have to decide on my next project pretty soon.

You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Wow, your weekend was frightful. I hope the upstairs neighbor fixes the damage he caused.
The new kit is lovely and thanks to Arlene for the page borders & frame. And Thank you for the kit.
Hope everything is sunny and bright this week.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads.
Kyra you have certainly had a lot of problems with water leaking from your upstairs neighbour's flat - hopefully when this lot is fixed you don't have to worry any more about leaks.
It must be so frustrating to have to pay to repair the water damage. I agree that this time your neighbour should pay for the repairs...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Ah...Kyra..another leak...and it got your wall and bed messed up.:( Sure hope your upstairs neighbor is able to cover the cost of repairs for you.He sure needs to! Hope you and Jan recover from your night on the couches.Not the most comfortable place to stretch out for the night, is it?

Christy's cat LOVES to be petted..but doesn't like to be picked up.Odd cat.LOL Yours sounds like it really loves the attention.:)

Thank you so much for sharing another lovely kit and Arlene for the lovely cluster frames.:)

Huge hugs my friend!!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello...I'm back! Was a lovely visit and a very productive one for me...(will share more in a bit)...but was very tiring this time, I think a week is a little long to visit and I really, really did miss my fur babies!! I am unpacked, washing clothes, cleaned house and trying to catch up on my lack of sleep....LOL! I downloaded the ones I missed and I thank you for them and thank Arlene for me too! Will chat more later when I catch up a bit. Hugs, Mat

Chas said...

Thank you for this beautiful kit. I cannot say enough how I appreciate you sharing your free kits. xoxo

Maria said...

Stunning kit. Thank you so much! :)

kast03 said...

Beautiful kit! thank you