Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There isn't enough time in a day!

Goodmorning everybody!

The complaint in the post title is often heard, but there are really days that it seems to be the truth!
Perhaps it is just because I am doing things sometimes a bit slower, who knows, still a morning has passed before you know it. Specially when I have a blog-day, read and answer some of the emails, hop though a few blogs, etc.
Then add to it, I have doggie walking duty LOL, 3 times a week, and that cuts the day in pieces.
Just like Monday, I was not too late awake, first have to wake up properly, so there's coffee and a bit news watching.
Then to the computer, doing the things needed, that finished I tried to design a little bit, still going slow, but I accomplish a start. Before you know it it is almost midday, so quickly get into some clothes, have  another coffee with a sandwich, and then it is time to go to HeidiĆ” for the dogs. I try to take them out for about half an hour, ad when I come back to Heidi, well, we usually have a little chat, and when I come home and look at the clock, it's already 3 or 3.30 a.m.!
Can do a little thing and am left with perhaps half an hour, ot to the most an hour. Then dinner time, so back to kitchen to finish the cooking, and gone is the day.
Then I am glad to sit down after the washing up, and watch some tv, knitting something while doing so.
Yesterday I first had to get a few things for dinner, so I went out a bit earlier, grabbed the few things needed and walked on to Heidi's again.
Just had time to take a quick look in the garden, and finish a little kit I started.
Today I have a "free day"concerning the doggies, but then I will do the weekly shopping stuff, so soon I will have to kick myself in the butt again and start walking. Okay, I will not be home too late, so I really should take out the vacuum cleaner, that is the least I can do.
May be there will be a bit more time left to make another freebie, I hope so(and that the inspiration will come at that time).
I really try to get several things accomplished in a day, but time looks like sand slipping through your fingers, LOL.
Oh well, some things can be done another day, I know, but I know myself, if I push it forward to many times, it never will be done!
But I am not really complaining, I am just wonder-struck that at times you just have no grip on a day passing.

One thing is good, we have still rather good weather, although it is a bit colder than last week. Even had some rain, but only in the evening(good for the garden), and the next few days it will stay a bit low in temperature, but hey, as long as there is at times some sunshine, I feel better.

Yesterday evening we had an unexpected visitor in the house. I started washing up the dinner dishes and such, but had to change the sack in the garbage pail, and I put the sack in the garden.
Coming in again, I saw a strange thing at the floor, I first thought it was perhaps a little branche, or even a poo-poo from Brodski, so when I bended over to take it away, I suddenly saw it was a little frog.
Ghee, real funny, I suppose he hopped in while I was out in the garden, but it's not the place to be for a froggy. I even called Jan to take a look. I managed to direct him to the garden door and happily he hooped out into a flowerbed.

Enough rambling for today, I really need to accomplish a few things, so I do have a freebie for you, and Arlene made you some clusters. Kit is named "Empire of Flowers"and hopefully you can do something with it.
Have a wonderful day, with lots of extra hours to spend ROFL!
 Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I agree with you when you say that some days are not long enough.
I hope you manage to get done all you wish to do today and that the rest of the week is good to you...

Edna B said...

Wow, you have so much energy! And you still have time to make such beautiful kits. Your new kit looks so cheerful.

Our weather this week is pretty decent but the weatherman is promising some cold weather for next week. We'll just have to enjoy this week and get out a bit while we can.

Tomorrow is Spring!! Now if only we could get rid of the winter temps and weather all would be good. Pretty soon. Pretty soon. I'll be getting ready to go home soon (from work. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Kyra, Thank you for the new kit with all the flowers. I don't see how you get so much done in a single day.
I'm semi-disabled so I'm not allowed to do any sweeping or mopping. I sneak in a little dusting but that's all I can muster.
I stop by and read what you're up to almost daily.
But I do look forward to hearing about what's going on.
Thank you very much

gypsymonkeyscrap said...

It seems that more and more, there isn't enough time in the day to do what is needed. Whether we are slowing down or just have a lot to do, there never seems time enough to do it all.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow did you hit the nail on the head with this...I know I am slower than I used to be and it is so easy to start a project, get side tracked into something else and on and on, so the day seems to be way too short for me....ROFL. I have lots of those days. Thanks for the lovely and colorful kit and please pass on thanks to Arlene as well. Got to catch up some so I can go blog....LOL! Sending wishes for a terrific Friday and a fab weekend. Hugs, Mat

HappyScreens said...

These are calculated to cheer. Thanks so much.
All of my days are too short, and I never seem to accomplish as much as you do. Wish I knew how you do it. You're younger than I, but still. So, your gifts are especially appreciated.