Monday, March 17, 2014

Still going okay with the central heating stuff.

Goodmorning everybody!

Of course our first concern was keeping an eye on that meter of the central heating, to see if pressure stayed the same. And till now it seems to go allright! Still not completely convinced, LOL, so will keep a sharp eye on it this week too!
After all that misery there had to come again some regularity in life!
So Friday I had a really busy day!
First I did the posting on my blog, as usual, then I took a bit of time for bloghopping, email and such.
But at a certain point that morning I kicked myself at the butt and started to do something.
First i cleaned the fridge. It needed some real attention, so I took out all it contained, and cleaned all the little shelves and the inside of it. Even Jan gave me a little hand with it( all because he wanted to take a shower, and with me taking fresh water all the time, he would jump around under shower like a bunny, having suddenly very hot and then rather cold water LOL).
I checked all that I had in the fridge, tossed away a couple of things and now it looks all organized and is smelling fresh again. Then Jan took his shower, and I took a short break.
Then as I was in the cleaning mood, cleaned all the outside of the cupboads, and felt already proud of myself.
After that attacked the floor in the hallway and the living room, where the plumbers left their marks.
Then right away did the trick with the vacuum cleaner, even removed some dust bunnies before, and then I thought I did my best for the day and sat down at the computer. In the mean time Jan had left for a little walk to somewhere.
As I just was about 10 minutes sitting finally at the computer, the door bell rang. Oh my, who could that be? Opened the door and surprise, it was Jan's brother!
We didn;t see him for a long time, so I really was surprised. Okay, no problem, he came in, and i first phoned Jan on his mobile to tell him we had a visitor.
Jan's brother, Rob, stayed a while, a lot of things to tell eachother, so as it approached about dinner time, offered his something to eat and then he went home again.
So all together a busy day, without much chance to do something in PSE.

No problem, I thought, we still have Saturday and even Sunday.
But never think ahead too much, things always go in a different way. I did get a chance to do a little bit of designing, but other things came in between, and suddenly the day was gone too.
Sunday still left, and I promised myself to do at the least the finishing touch at the kit I started. That worked at least, LOL. Oh, it even was a bit of special day for us two, because it was the date that Jan and I became a couple, soooo long ago, 22 years! It doesn;t seem to be that long at all!

Today I will have less time, because it is again doggie walking day. Yeah, I know, I have the whole morning ahead, but that is gone before you know it, with first the posting, then have to do a bit of checking on sites for serious things, so may be I just can do a little bit on a new kit before leaving.
And by the time I will be home again, I soon will have to start dinner, oh, must not forget to post a letter for the accountant( he already sent us the tax stuff back, it looks a bit bright, if all will be accepted by the tax office, we might recieve a bit of money back, let's just hope and see). and soon another day will be gone.

Weather here is still rather well, a bit cooler though, but okay. Some seelings are showing their heas above the soil already, but it isn;t goping fast enough to Jan's liking, ROFL!

I found a kit I made already a loooong time ago, I am not completely sure I didn;t post it it already at a certain time, but I will take that chance,. If you already have this one, okay, I am sorry, I not, you are lucky LOL. I have another kit I could post, but I first have to upload the clusters Arlene made ofr it( she seems to have a new computer this weekend, a bit struggling with the new way of using it, but the sweetie did make the clusters for that kit, and I received them this morning).
No chit chat anymore, here is the kit: Embrace your Memory. As I found it in the older archives so to say, I have no extra cluster for it today, but I hope you will forgive me for that.
Have a lovely day and I will do my best to have the latest kit ready with clusters from Arlene by Wednesday.

P.s.  There was something strange going on with the download of today's kit, so I deleted it. Sorry.


Vanessa said...

thanks so much

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit.
It was a very busy weekend for you again.
I hope all goes well for you with the coming week...

Edna B said...

I'm home now and catching up with your blog. I'm so glad to hear that the plumber was able to fix your heating problem. I agree that it is good your weather has not been so cold during this time. I wish Arlene lots of good luck with her new pc.

Today I looked to see if any of the little green sprouts in my garden are surviving all this wicked cold, and there are quite a few of them still standing. I hope that means that Spring's warmer temps will soon be here. I think I'll wait another week or two before planting any seeds though. We still have a bit of cold weather here.

Well now I'm off to watch a bit of TV. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.

*~Nightshadow~* said...

Thank you for the lovely kit Kyra and I always enjoy reading your blog posts.