Monday, March 03, 2014

Some garden time.

Goodmorning everybody!

We spent a nice weekend, rather quiet, you could say, well, without any shocking events anyway LOL!
There was some speedskating to watch, there were the Dutch championships all-round and sprint.
I cannot completely understand why it was held this weekend, so close after the Olympics and all medal winners had such a hectic week with all the events they had to join, and all interviews on tv etc.
But the skaters could earn a place for the upcoming world championship so they had to attend.

In between we did some work in the garden, well, to be honest, most of it was done by Jan. He started to cut away oled branches and prune a lot of stuff, full of enthousiasm ROFL. I just was out for a little while, and then returned into the house, it was a bit too cold for me.
I settled myself onto the couch and proceeded on my knitting work, a sweater for myself in light blue.

If I am on schedule today( I always try to make a kind of schedule, but most of the time it doesnl;'t work, I wonder why?), I want to pay a short visit to Heidi, to see how she is doing and probably give the 2 doggies a walk. She asked me, if we could do that a couple of times this week in the afternoon.
Her husband is back to work ( was at sickleave because of his bad knee, but hospital still doesn;t want to operate and give him another one)and Séverine is back to school, so normally heidi takes the dogs out for a pee and such in the afternoon.
But with her bad foot and ankle, she isn;t allowed to walk a lot and for more it isn;t easy to have both doggies on a leach and walk with on eor even better two cruches!
Perhaps tomorrow or next day Jan can do it, gives him an opportunity to talk a bit to his "daughter", LOL.

Watched the news yesterday evening and I am very concerned at the moment about the situation in the Ukrain and the Krim! With all the movements of the Russian armee at the Krim, and now the president( temporal for now) has called in all reservists under 40 to build up an armee.
I think the situation at the moment is kind of explosive, and surely hope it can be worked out in a diplomatic, talking way.
This isn;t the only trouble spot in the world, there are actually wars going on at several places, but this commotion is very near to us, in Europe and can effect a lot of countries.
I can understand the people of Ukrain that they want a different life and future and government, but they will have a very difficult time as they are still very depended of Russia at the moment, specially economic.
So I hope the situation will not escalate too much and a solution will be found, without using arms.

Sometimes you can feel so sad when you read and/or hear about all the wars and killing, like with bombs going on around the world, then also there is the economical crisis still going on(of which our government is trying to tell us it is slowly getting better in our country, but it is hard to believe if you hear all reports about increasing unemployment, more and more businesses going bankrupt etc).
Then you just have to find a small thing that makes you feel better, and yes, we all have the scrappng for instance LOL!
Let's put on the freebie for today, may be everybody will feel a little better for a moment, okay?
Yes, Valentine's day is over for a long time already, but I have a kit here, that might be nice for another "loving"layout, or you just can use it any other way too.
It is named "Cherubini". Arlene made you 3 delicate clusters ( although she wasn;t feeling too bright yet, isn;t she a sweet lady?).
Wishing you all a happy day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

This is a kit that will always be good for many different layouts, thanks Kyra and thank Arlene for hers as well. I am still trying to play catch up. Chat more with you tomorrow. Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

I'm envious. I would love to be working in my garden too. But it's nice here in Florida too. Temps in the 80'sF days, and nights in the 60's. Can't complain at all. Pogo is having a fabulous time. He's getting so much attention from Audrey and her friend. today, we are off again to find something fun to do. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
It would certainly be nice if there was Peace and Co-operation in the whole world and everyone got along without one group or another thinking they should be in charge and their ideas were what everyone should follow...