Friday, March 21, 2014

"Running around, and back and forth, Oh poor body!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh boy, I will have to slow down in the weekend and be lazy, I can feel that!
You knopw i am helping my friend Heidi with the doggie walking the last couple of weeks and I am glad I can help her. But as there are also other things to do, I am pretty busy with walking here and there LOL.
Some groverie shopping has to be done, then something else comes up that has to be done so I go out again, then I try to do something in the house( not very succesfull, I must admit).
Yesterday I really felt my body protest a bit after I came back from Heidi's place.
In the morning I did the usual email reading and some bloghopping and even managed to finish and upload the little freebie I have for you today.
And then I went for a quick visit to town centre, to the Chinese supermarket, cause Jan didn;t have any more of those noodle soups. Well, we cannot have that, do we?
Of course I could have wait one or two days more, but when I have something in the brain, I want to do it.
I didn;t spend too much time with hopping into other shops,, there wasn't time for it.
So I went to Heidi's straight away, with a bag full of little packages with noodle soups, and a couple of other things. Okay, I sat down there for 10 minutes then took the dogs and made the half hour round. Oh, they were soooo happy again, they are really funny.
On that "round"I pass a small petting farm, where they have two cows, a couple of sheep, some goats, bunnies, a pig and some chicken. And what did I see, there were already two little lambs lying around. Seeing that is bringing on a smile to your face, isn;t it?
After I returned to Heidi, I took a little break with a cup of coffee ( yesterday it was gorgeous weather here, with temps around 18 C = 65 F), and then went home.
Gosh, by then I was real happy to be home, I felt my legs a bit protesting on the way home, so I sat down at the couch and didn;t move very much more untill it was time for dinner making LOL. I must go out again, we need some refill of hte usual things, like coffee, cat food, eggs and such. And this afternoon again doggie walking, oh yeah!
Normally on Friday I didn;t have to do it, cause then Danny is home, but this weekend and today too he has to work, because of the Nucleair Top that is held this weekend in our city. No, he isn;t working in security, but he works with the National Road Traffic, and with all the roads that are closed and such, they are summoned to work.
I just hope the rain will stop by the time I have to go out.
Yes weather changed, yesterday all bright and sunny and even close to warm, today much lower temperatures, raining and cloudy. They don;t expect a real temperature rise next week, so it's back to "normal" temperatures again for the time of year, we only aren;t used to it anymore. Yes, we have been spoiled a bit lately.

I think, I forget something to tell, but it surely can wait, and I will remember it by Monday(I hope).
As I am not filling my stock of designs very quickly at the moment, I just found time to make you a small freebie. It are just 4  pages, sized 1800x1200 pixels, in vintage look, but perhaps nice to make a sweet layout and print and frame it?
I think on the "free spot"on the cards a blended photo would do great.
Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead!
Download     HERE


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment for me.I truly LOVE your visits!
Sounds like you are as busy as a bee these days too! Makes me feel like a slacker.LOL I think I have caught up on your blog posts now.:)
Thanks so much for sharing your lovely kits with me! Hopefully I will get the time to actually use them.:)Jimmy has a cold with fever now.We are still trusting the Lord to take care of him.:)
Well..Jim is fixing breakfast for us this morning.Bacon,eggs, and pancakes.mmm..Guess I had best go help..if I want some of them.LOL

Huge hugs my friend!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for the lovely cards.
It sounds like you should be resting a little bit, you have been very busy the last few weeks.
If you try to do too much you may get sick and as you know that would not be good...

linda from arizona said...

These cards are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with us,

Mats World said...

Thanks my dear friend for the lovely Free Birds....I hope you can slow down a little too! I've had a busy week as well. Taking today and tomorrow off just because! ROFL! Have a beautiful weekend my friend, chat more with you on Monday! Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

Kyra, you will need more "rest" time for yourself so that you do not get run down. I would not want to see you getting sick my friend. You are so very busy. Goodness, where do you get all your energy. Maybe once the warm weather is here to stay I will find some of that energy so that I can work around my yard. That would be really nice. My hands are itching to start planting seeds. Maybe when April is here, I can plant all my new seeds. I have some new planters that I am anxious to use. Now it's time for me to find some mischief to get into around here. Tonight it is back to work gain. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Good morning Kyra, Thank goodness for weekends right? I'm partially disabled so I don't do much of the heavy stuff around our house. My youngest daughter is busy with that and the cooking.

Thank you for the pretty cards. They will work great in a old time setting. And you have already given us some pretty vintage things to use them with.!

Rest up this weekend and let the house get a little dusty! It won't hurt.

God Bless you for being such a giving person.

Corrine Corbin said...

Good morning Kyra, Thank you for the pretty cards. They will work well with some of the vintage kits you have already given to us.

You need to take care of Kyra. If she breaks then what will you do.

Enjoy your weekend.

God Bless for being such a caring person.