Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oh my, we have another problem!

Goodmorning everybody!

I better get it of my chest right away, because I am kind of concerned about the last thing happened here. Yesterday I checked on our central heating(it is acting sometimes a bit strange) to see if the pressure was still up, but I had to re-fill it again with water. Okay, that sometimes already happens,but it goes slow. Now yesterday I checked again later in the evening and again, the meter was all down, oh boy!
So Jan and I refilled it again and I went to bed(oh miracle, I had a good nights sleep, despite of this), and Jan would check later again. I woke up this morning and first thing was of course looking at the heating. Oh no, I already saw the plug was out, so I could tell it was wrong again. Jan woke up and told me it went empty in a real short time.
So this morning I called the plumber(who also does central heating installation) and he will come by this afternoon, if he has still time, or it will be tomorrow.
I really do hope it will be a minor problem, that can be fixed easyily. But I have a feeling it will not happen and then it's a big operation, which will cost a large deal of mney, and to be honest, I don't know where to find that at the moment.  Well, let's first wait what the plumber has to say, before getting stessed about it, and if there is much work to be done to have again a proper working central heating, a solution will come up or be found to pay for it.
But why there always has to happen something bad, when for a moment all seems to go without any major problems or events?

Okay, enough moaning, it has no use, facts are there, and a solyution will be found.

Apart from this naty thing, all is going rather well, I can say. I do have to laugh about Jan lately. He is picking up that gardening with so much enthusiasm, he is busy there like a bumble bee LOL!
Monday afternoon I went for the doggie walking to my friend Heidi,  and I stayed with her for a while, chatting about all and nothing(like girls do LOL), even did a bit of pruning for her in her garden. Came home and just had time to change the bedsheets.
Yesterday I first wanted to do some shopping, but then decided it could wait another day.
Better, cause I had to do again the doggie walk,  and so I did, stayed for a shorter time , just to have a cup of coffee. Heidi is taking up the French language. At school she had the language, but never practised it in the time after, but as she goes on holiday to France the last few years, she wants to be able to talk and understand it better than she does now. Well, we will see how long she can keep the good work up LOL. I said I could help her a bit with it, like with the pronunciation and I can help her with the little tests. Could be fun, you know!
When I came home, Jan  wasn't home, so I had a quiet moment for a little while. Then Jan came home and you never guess what he had found. Oh yeah, he bought us some more bulbss(lilies this time) and some more seeds, specially herbs and a little greenhouse to grow some of the seeds, oh and even two little lapms for the garden, working on solar.  LOL!
He was happy as a child with it, grin!
He found it all in a kind of "dollar-shop"so he didn;t spent a lot of money o it, and that too was part of his fun!

So, today is shopping day, perhaps a bit of garden work or may be just sit there for a moment( we are lucky that weather is nice, and not too cold for now, ) then see if the plmber will have found time today, if not, tomorrow is another day. I will have to go doggie walking again, but then Jan is there, to let the plumber in and talk the thing over.

The last week or so I don;t spend so much time at the computer, designing is going very slow, so I will really have to do more, I am running out of kits!
If so, you will have to be a little patient, and I hope you still will come and visit me, but I will try to get some work done and have some freebies"on the shelf" by this weekend.
But today I still have one for you, named "N oubliez pas le Passé" ( meaning don;t you forget about the past)/
Have a wonderful day, and please cross your fingers that the central heating problem will be fixed without much work!!!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Галина Косинова said...

Надеюсь ваша проблема решилась и настроение стало прекрасным! Большое спасибо за Ваши чудесные наборы!!!!!

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you for the new kit. I love all things old! (maybe because I am old but not down yet)
Yesterday I was bopping around in the blogs and I came across this one:

You may already know about her site but I got interested since I adore birds and animals. What she calls a kit is so huge that it really makes it hard to pick out just a few pieces for a page but you might make use of her stuff since she says it free to use and maybe recolor if you say where it came from. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra,
Thank you soooo much for this new kit and the 2 wordarts in french, that's really kind of you !
Thanks Arlene for her lovely clusters too.
Hope the plumber came, and that it won't cost you too much...
poor Kyra, you don't need that !
Fingers crossed !!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
Not good news about your heater. I hope that it is something simple and doesn't cost you too much. On the good side it's almost Summer so the weather will hopefully be a little warmer for you soon.
It's OK if you take a little while to get more kits done. I really appreciate all the work you put in to make these wonderful kits up for us...

Mats World said...

Oh I so hope the problem with the central heat is something minor and easy to fix. I have used my central heat in 2 yrs (I hope it still works)...I am using space heaters that look like fireplaces and are 110 and not 220 so I can save the central system for air conditioning in the 100+ degree days ahead...LOL! When you are retired and single and on a strict budget, you gotta do what you can to make sure ends meet.
Thanks so much for the beautiful kit and thanks to Arlene too, always great gifts. Thanks for all you share my friend. Hugs, Mat

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Thank you so much for stopping by again and leaving a sweet comment for me.:)
I peeked at your blog yesterday in an attempt to get caught up to date. Sure hope you get your heater working properly again. Can't have you without heat when the weather is so unpredictable...can we? :)

Stay as warm as your heart my friend!