Monday, March 24, 2014

More doggie walking to do LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Friday was still a buisy day for me. But my hubbie was so sweet to me to say, he would go for the doggie walking, so I could do shopping and didn;t have to hurry doihng so.
That already made a big difference to me!
So first I did do some grocerie shopping and then home I first took a sandwich and was brave by putting on the washing machine, and even did do the vacuum cleaning(desparately needed thing to do), in the mean time Jan went to Heidi.
Both home again I really was up to some rest and so I did.
Jan told me that Heidi visited the hospital for a check on her ankle and got the message she had to carry still the brace and that it would take another 14 days untill it wold be removed. I know she certainly wasn;t happy about that, but I had warned her already it could take some more time than she had in mind!
So we still will have to do some doggie walking. And doing so I can keep a little bit an eye on her too, so she will not do too stupid things LOL.

Saturday was such a great and wonderful lazy day! I only got out for a moment to get us the newspaper and some wool( I started a new knitting project) and quickly returned home.
Jan went out then to look if he he could find a coffeemaker for us. We have one, of course, but it's already old and started to show some defects. Nothing serious, but every now and then it seems to loose some of the water of the tank, and it alsao makes a bit of funny noise when filtering.
No problem to get another one, but a new one is at the moment just a bit too much for our budget.
Well, often you can find one in the charity shops of recycle shop or in the dollar shop. Not of the best quality but good enough( I wanted one with a thermo can, so the coffee stays warm and tasty for a longer time).
As always, when you really want a thing, you cannot find it. Till this Saturday afternoon Jan came home with a box. He found a coffee maker, it even was a new one, for a very nice price, it even has two thermo cans!
It works fine, and everybody is happy again, grin.

Rest of the weekend we didn;t do a lot, certainly not me, and it was wonderful.
We watched the last speed skating event of the season, the world championship allround for men and women and we have two new world champions!
In between watching that, i was busy on my new project( when I have done a bit more of it I will make some pics of it) and jan was nursing his seedlings and bulbs and a mother hen!
I even did a bit of designing on the computer, not much, but something.
Now today I will go again to Heidi, to "do"the doggies, no real rush though, haven't planned anything else for the day, dinner is ready already, only have to put it in the oven this evening.
So may be I even can do some more work at the computer this afternoon.
Still, tomorrow there are a few things I will have to do, beside of the doggie stuff.
Best I enjoy today, still another rather quiet and more or less lazy day. Weather looks not bad at all, I spot sunshine outside, not too much wind, good  conditions to be outside for a while.
I am glad we live in a part of The Hague, where we don;t notice much of that Nucleair Top that is going on now. Some other parts are almost totally shut down, cut off, heavily secured and all.
Okay, your freebie today is another Nutshell kit, bamed Easter fun. all in bright yelllow, and Arlene made you two sweet clusters. Oh, speaking of Arlene, if you want some more Easter clusters, or just some backgrounds, go to her deviant art spot HERE, she just posted some new stuff there!
Have a fantastic Monday!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

What great luck finding a new coffee maker. I feel bad for your friend Heidi. It's no fun being laid up with your leg in a cast. Hopefully when her two weeks is up it will be able to come off. I am still at work, but will be packing up soon to go home. That's the best part of my job. Going home!! lol. You have a wonderfulday, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Kyra!
So glad you got to have a lazy weekend, I did too..I took 2 full days off (only had to feed all the kitties twice each day and empty litter boxes). I scrapped a little and watched TV, read a book and totally did NOTHING else. Today I have errands to run and a little shopping for kitty food and pick up my mail at the post office. I got my new stand mixer in the mail that I ordered online so going to get fixings for making some Amish Cinnamon Bread...can't wait! Thanks so much for the lovely Easter kit and please thank Arlene too! Have a wonderful week walking the doggies...(you are a good friend)! Hugs, Mat

Jujublu said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful kits!

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you Kyra and Arlene for the wonderful clusters & mini kit for Waster. I don't know if we'll see the Gr-grand kids on Easter or on Saturday. They have so many grandparents close by, it'll take some time to get around to all the houses.

I'm enjoying the nice weather lately. Opened the window for Mrs. Beasley (the #1 Cat or so she thinks anyway). It has a screen so I don't have to worry about her jumping out.

Have a great week. Looking forward to reading your blog.