Friday, March 28, 2014

More and more Spring coming to us.

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh yes, we are definately heading for a few really nice days if we can believe the forecast.
I really don;t mind, it will make us feel more cheerful and it will be good for all the little plants that want to grow.
Wednesday I first went for the shopping, and oh was I glad to be home again! I filled my car so much, that it was real heavy to pull, but I managed LOL.
I first sat down for  a moment, but then ecided there was enough time left in the day, to do something more. So I did some ironing and at the same time sorted out some shelves of the clothing closet. I had so much t-shirts lying there, and I sorted that out, some of them are almost like new, so I put them aside to give to Séverine(yes, she almost has the same clothing size as I have now). If she doesn;t like them I ams sure Heidi knows another kid that can use them.

Yesterday I had to post a payment for a bill at the bank, and it was nice weather so I took my time for it. Then I took a walk, just looking into some shops, didn;t buy a thing there! and walked on to a nice parc. On the way I did buy me half a bread and some sausage and took a "luch"on a bench in the parc. Oh my, that simple sandwich tasted so well, sitting in still a bit of fresh feeling air but with a lot of sunshine and looking at the pond with some geese, and ducks.
It was all so quiet and peaceful, I really anjoyed that moment.
Then I walked a little bit further and saw this magnificent tree that just "begged"me to take a picture(yes, for once I took my little camera).
Don;t you think it is a wonderful sight, this big tree, with all those new leaves on it??
On the way home I came by a smaller garden centre and of course I popped in, how could I resist it!
I restrained myself from buying, well, almost, hahaha, couldn;t walk away there without ANYTHING!
So I just bought two plants for the garden. One Fritellaria ( Sneak's head lily)and one Campanula glomerata"Caroline, I've found pictures of them both for you, first is the Fritellaria.
The Campanula should reach a hight of ca. 60 cms. but plant is just a small cutling.

I hope my new babies will do well !

Today or at the last Monday I should pick up the phone to make appointments for the yearly checkup with my lung doctor and the neurologist. Sounds scary, but I see them once a year, tell them all is going not bad at all, I get my prescriptions and it's done with again. Only this year the lung doctor wants to have a photo of my thorax again. Just to have an extra check.
Hmmmm, so I will have to go to hospital next month or may be even later( the specialist have a very full schedule) probably 3 times. But okay, it that's all it takes it must be done.
Today it looks to become also a nice day, not yet too warm but in the sun it can become around 64 F, and that is not bad at all!
No idea what I will do today, I am "free'" more or less, so we'll see.

I have another "Nutshell"kit for you today. I named it "Carefree Childhood". Not everybody's childhood was really carefree, I know, but despite of that, when we look back to our childhood, oh my, what a wonderful time it seemed to be, we didn;t have to worry about jobs, insurances, taxes, energy bills , mortgages and rents to pay and lots more of that awefull stuff! How would it be to have that time back for a while??
With that idea I leave you alone, enough of the rambling today.
Have a wonderful weekend with a smile!
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Edna B said...

Good morning. I'm so glad to hear that your temps are getting warmer. Maybe ours will too. I love that photo of the tree. The composition of the photo is just wonderful. I also love your new flowers, especially the fritellaria. Such an unusual but beautiful flower. It's not warm enough for planting here yet so our plant stores aren't stocked up yet with new plants. Soon though! Now I'm off to find some new mischief to get into. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow you are having lovely weather and I am glad you got to take a walk in the park and have a little picnic. the tree photo is absolutely lovely and I do hope your flowers respond well for you...I still have not gotten out to mine yet...I know lazy right? We are expecting some rain this afternoon but the weekend is to be gorgeous so maybe by then I can get some done!
Have a wonderful weekend of rejuvenation! Thanks so very much for the lovely gift and please send thanks to Arlene as well!
Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...