Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Goodmorning everybody!

starting with the weather report. We have had some rather nice days and are expecting even some better ones, with practically no rain, lots of sunshine, low winds and temps around 52 till may be 60 F later this week. Only at night it will be a bit colder, could go down to freezing point at some places, but okay, if that doesn't last too long, it cannot hurt the new sprouts and early blooming crocus and daffodils.
Monday I went to Heidi. just for a chat and see how she was doing. Well, poor thing almost cannot walk with that foot of her, so I ordered her to stay put on the couch. It was nice to chat again all quiet again about all kind of things that came into our mind. Some "gossip"of course LOL, but in all real girl talk. There was no need for me to let the dogs out, cause Heidi(real stubborn as she is at times) tried to do it herself, but had to admit it was almost impossible, without using her one foot.
So I told her she was a stupid girl, and that I could have done it.
She looked a bit guilty to me, and promised not to do that anymore, LOL!
Before leaving her I told her I would come over the next day in the early afternoon, to take the dogs out for a good walk.

Yesterday I had a rather busy day you could say. I decided that it wouldn;t be a bad idea to combine a few things. So I first went to the supermarket I have to reach with the tram( bought us a lot of  sandwich spreads ( they have very good tasting ones there and cheaper than in the supermarket near by), and also some things we were running out of, at the same time could deposite a couple of bills that had to be payed at the bank, then took again the tram home. It passes almost Heidi's home too, so I got out there and did my visit, with shopping trolly and all .
I right away took the dogs, and we had a nice walk, great to see they did deposite all that dogs get rid off during a walk, ROFL, so I didn't do a useless doggie wal.
Came back at Heidi's and finally sat down to realx for a moment with a cup of coffee.
Stayed a bit longer than I planned, but okay, why not and then walked home.
Stashed away all the groceries and such, and then at last took a sandwich with another coffee and watched a bit tv, did some knitting on my sweater, even a bit of computering, and then started dinner.
It was a well-spent day!

Today I don;t have to worry about the dogs, cause Séverine is free from school early afternoon already, and she can take them out for a quick round of things dogs need to do.
But I have made an appointment with Heidi that or Jan or I, will come for the doggie walk in the afternoon again.
Friday and the weekend her hubby is home, so he will take the dogs out. But next week I'll do it again a couple of times, probably even longer, cause she has to give her foot a rest of about 4 weeks. For now she even likes it, doing almost nothing( she needs that rest and some extra sleep too, because she always is far too busy), but in a couple of days I know it will be itching, that she cannot move around as she would like too, specially now that the weather is improving and she wants to do some gardening. I already proposed sending Jan over if she needed some space and pruning in her garden. Told her that she just needed to point out the things, that definately should stay in, and Jan will take care of the rest, without doubt she will have much spacier flowerbeds ROFL>
I know, I am teasing Jan a bit but in my heart I am happy, he is having some fun in gardening, I try to be not too much a control freak there andlet him do as he likes(difficult sometimes, but all will turn out well enough, I am sure)

Now time for me to start getting busy around here a bit, still having some ironing to do, and if the weather will be as nice as they predicted, perhaps in the afternoon some work in the garden will be nice too.
So on to the freebie then. It's named "Family stories to be told", nice for some heritage layouts perhaps. Some sweet clusters from arlene too, poor thing is still fighting the flu, although it's getting better a bit. Oh, I\ll give you the link to her deviant art site, where she has posted some beautiful quickpages, made with self made textures, all free to download.

Have fun and a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

Download     HERE


Edna B said...

Crocus and daffodils you say? Now I am jealous! I do not have any flowers budding yet. We have been enjoying warm and sunny days. today is a bit cloudy and we are expecting some rain. A good day to stay in and play on the computer. These girls are a lot of fun to be with. Audrey is making us some breakfast, and Pogo is still asleep. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
Thank you so much for this sepia kit : FABULOUS !! and I love the brush you made !
Hope Arlene feels better now, she made beautiful clusters and textures.
I'm impatient to be on friday, LOL !! Have a wonderful day !

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you so much for these wonderful downloads...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Morning! Man, what a gorgeous kit this is and will come in handy with some of the heritage pages I am doing for the ancestry book. Thank you, thank you and Arlene too, hope her flu goes away quickly. Will visit her site in a bit as well.
Been hectic here, my sister Kathy hospitalized with pneumonia, my friend Jan went for colonoscopy and wound up in ER and then admitted to hospital as they "bumped" her spleen during the procedure causing it to bleed...was a very traumatic day yesterday. glad your weather is good for gardening, I think maybe next week most of the ice threats will be gone and I can start on my pots of plants...LOL! You and Jan have a great day and weekend and hope Heidi's foot improves soon too! Hugs, Mat

Jujublu said...

thank you so much for sharing your beautiful kits!

Jujublu said...

thank you so much for sharing your beautiful kits!