Monday, March 10, 2014

Almost Spring here, fantastic!

Goodmorning everybody!

What a lovely weather we had this weekend! And although the temperatures will be slightly lower this week, it still looks to be wonderful, with lots of sunshine, not too much wind, and practically no rain!
Friday Jan and I walked to the market, we were rather early there, but as there might be a little rain later on, we took no risk. Oh my, we came home with a completely filled shopping trolly, and my freezer is filled to the limit with stuff.!
And oh my, the stand of ower flower guy with all bulbs and and seeds and lots of roses and such was still there. You already know what is coming now hey?
I went there looking for some seeds of beans, couldn;t find the ones I wanted, but instead Jan fell in love some bulbs of dahlia's LOL. They had a great offer of several bulbs so our hearts melted again and we came home with 4 sacs of bulbs, of gladiolus an dahlias(the last ones we bought the smaller kind, so all together in the last week or two Jan had to plant a lot of bulbs.
Only have to wait a bit with the dahli's but ina week or two I think we can put them in the garden too!

Home again we first took a bite and then Jan hoovered the house, I did some laundry, and watched a bit TV, jan went into the garden for a moment and I did some knitting.
Nice day.
Saturday it was even better weather, so we were up and around rather early, I quickly went for the newspaper, Jan already was busy in the garden again. Yes, he has caught the "gardening virus"at last!
And I joined him for a while there, cleaning out some pots, preparing them for the new season etc.
Oh my, yesterday it was even worse. we had a big heap of soil lying at the terras, coming out of the pots and so we cleaned up, But it's a pity to just throw it away, you only have to clean it a bit, take out as much as moss and old roots as possible, but then you easily can re-use a lot of it again.
So that was mainly my task yesterday, as for Jan, he was busy with putting up some shelves, that he repianted first, digging out some plants, a part of it re-planting, sweeping the terras, arranging some pots , well, a busy bee. After a while I went in but he kept going on.
I knew it was kind of useless to tell him to stop too, because he would regret it later ( his back would protest), still I did it, he even came in for a moment, just to have a sandwich and was gone again.
I must say his work pays off! We have a sooooo clean and fresh looking garden now, all ready for real Spring and Summer, he did a real marvellous job there. And he is happy with it like a child LOL!
Now I hope that the seedlings will produce something and that the bulbs will florish well too, and the worst thing is, that after Jan;s cleaning up the borders, we have still some "free| spots, that just are crying out: "Fill us with some wonderful colorful flowers like pansies, and later on with lots more annuals"!!
Terrible to hear that and difficult to resist, even more for Jan than for me, believe me! ROFL.

Okay, I have to hurry a bit now, because I will have to go to Heidi for the doggie walking early afternoon.
As I have to do some things before( otherwise they will not be done anymore today, grin), I better post the freebie and just have time to stay at the computer for a little bit, and then start the day.
Kit of today is for all pet lovers, named Adorable Companions. With the sweet clusters from Arlene, I am sure you cannot wiat to make a layout with your favourite pet!
Oh, by the way, Arlene is getting famous! She is also making clusters with kits of Laurrie from CheyOkota, visit her blog and you can download some more wonderful clusters from Arlene, as well as some freebies from CheyOkota, who makes lovely kits!

You have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...


Edna B said...

What a lovely kit. Weather here is great too, but the laptop and internet giving me problems. I don't know if I can blog the rest of the week. We'll see. Your garden sounds wonderful. You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow, sounds like your weekend was was mine...I did absolutely running to the hospital, no shopping, no cleaning.....NOTHING. I feel so much better today all my shower, did my hair and face and even put on clothes...LOL! I stayed in PJs all weekend. I slept, I read, I watched TV and only did what I had clean litter boxes, feed cats, feed myself and checked e-mails and phone calls.
My sister is home from hospital, with a follow up due tomorrow with her friend Jan is still in hospital, but expected to come home tomorrow. That way I can check on her more often.
I have an appointment for a hair cut on Wednesday, other than that, I only need to run to the post office and grocery on the same day, rest of time I will be trying to free up some of my pots to plant as the weather is to be rather nice today and tomorrow and then cold again on Wednesday...LOL Just like a roller coaster...ROFL
Thanks so very much for this wonderful kit...(my fav) and thanks to Arlene too, I have been getting her freebies from CheyOkota and visiting her Deviant Art too! Have a terrific week, Hugs, for both of you! Luv, Mat

Anonymous said...

Cute! Thank you!

Shirley said...

Thank you for this lovely kit. We are having lovely spring weather here in the UK too.

Magda said...

Thanks so much for the kit and the clusters!! They are so beautiful!!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
Kyra it's good that you are having such lovely weather, I hope it stays around for you.
Arlene, congratulations on having your work on several sites, I like Laurrie's work also but I am not able to take advantage of the kits she has on Artscrow...

HappyScreens said...

Such fun - thank you both!

Louisette said...

lovely freebies , greeting from Belgium

retriever said...

have a nice day, wonderful design blog.