Friday, February 28, 2014

The back is feeling much better

Goodmorning everybody!

Pffff, glad to say, I am almost rid of the trouble in my back, I still can feel the place where it started, but it is more a tired feeling.
Have still to watch it and be careful for another day or two,

Oh my, poor Arlene has lots more to worry about. Poor girl mailed me the other day telling me that her new computer is back at the plce where she got it from. When buying it, it was agreed that it would be installed completely ready for use and all her files would be transferred to it. But home she was missing a lot of things on it, so her husband brought it back and was able to get a refund.
He cleaned up her old computer and for the time being it is working okay, now she waits till her husband comes back from his job again (I think in 2 weeks) and they will look for another one again.
If that wasn;t already bad enough she suffers now from an infection and on top of that a bad flu!!
Despite of this she managed to make a couple of clusters, that sweetie.
I told her to first take care of herself and get better, and that the clusters could wait a bit. Health is always most important, isn't it?

as you can imagine I didn;t get much done around here with that wicked back of mine. Did a little bit of shopping, the walking seemed to be good for me, although I didn;t stay out long.
But the weather wasn;t all too nice, suddenly it felt colder(because of the wind) and we had more rian.
Well, the upcoming days temperatures will dropp just 1 or2 degrees above zero(at night), but at daytime it still will be a bit higher than normal. Next week temps will rise a little bit again, so still no winter in sight and I don;t want it to come either!!
Jan already looked into the pot where I keep all the seedpackets, bought a big sack of soil and is about all ready to start sowing again. It's about time, today we have the last day of February!

Also I made a ohonecall to Heidi, to hear about the result of some test she had to undergo for her foot/ ankle she hurt in January, falling of the ladder. It still isn't all too much better, she still has pain and at times is swollen too. Now she has to take lots of rest and got advice give that foot/ankle the least possible burden.
I know she walked far too much on it the last couple of weeks, well, she is a busy mom, but I warned her earlier not too walk on it so it could heal as quick as possible. Hmmm, the girl knows that but is a bit stubborn LOL.
Well, I will visit her next week so we can have a proper chat( yesterday her husband was home when we talked on the phone, and then we NEVER can talk about all we want, do you recognize that?????LOL).

Today's kit has quites some color int it and is named "A bit of Bohemian". I am a little bit experimenting lately, it is nice to make something different from the "usual". Still I like mostly the more romantic or vintage style kits. Still I think it can do no harm to try at times something different.
I hope you will like this kit, and yes, Arlene made some great clusters and a page border for you, although she has that flu and infection. What a brave girl!
Times to leave you now, wishing you all a wonderful weekend and stay well and safe!

Download    part 1 HERE

                    part 2 HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

I'm so glad to hear that your back is feeling much better. Still, you take it easy for a while to let it heal completely. Your new kit, and Arlene's clusters are just wonderful. You are right, though, Arlene should take care of herself first. That is most important. I do wish her a speedy recovery. So sorry to hear of the problems with her new pc. That can be so frustrating. We had snow yesterday, with more coming on Monday. I've been doing a happy Spring dance to try to hurry up Spring's arrival but it does not seem to be working. Hmmm. The calendar says there is only three more weeks of Winter left. I surely hope so. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you for the bright new kit. I'm sorry to hear that every one is feeling a little down in this weather. Hopefully spring will pop in earlier than expected. That would be a welcome change.

I too, haven't been feeling real chipper of late. Little nose is dripping slightly so I must have caught a bit of a cold and with my prior lung problems *only 48% functionality) it gets bad real quick. But that is something I've learned to live with. I just stay indoors so I'm not breathing any more dust and gunk than I need to.

Anyway Thank you for the kit and Arlene's clusters. Give her my best and I hold you both in my prayers.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads. It's good to hear your back is getting better.
It sounds like Arlene has had a rough time of it too.
Hopefully things will improve for both of you soon...

KimR. said...

Gorgeous kit, thank you so much!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Beautiful colorful kit, thanks so much and thank Arlene as well. Hope she is feeling better soon and am so glad your back is better. I got a couple of days of forced relaxation (read my blog) and I am feeling most chipper this to get done here as I need to go up and vote before too long. Have a fantastic week ahead. Hugs, Mat