Monday, February 24, 2014

Olympics over, lots of great sport seen again.

Goodmorning everybody!

well, we will have to get used to it, that there isn;t an Olympic broadcast anymore.
But it was wonderful to see it all, and yes, I am proud to say we did extremely well this time.
All together we won 24 medals, and it will be hard to beat that amount of medals at the next winter Olympics.
I will boar you just once more with a couple of photos of our skaters, who won gold in the teamspursuit both men and women! And even they skated a new Olympic record.

Couldn;t find a photo of the women podium, it was nr.1 The Netherlands,
nr.2 Poland and nr. 3 Russia. You see here 4 women of our team, although they only skate with 3. But there also is a reserve, in case of a calamity, and she also skated in one of the races, so also has right to a medal.

Did you see the closing ceremony of the Games? I think it was beautiful done. Now all the medal winners will have a very busy time as soon as they arrive home, and of course they deserve it, but I pity them a bit too, they almost don;t have time to relax and recover a bit, the coming days they have a very filled schedule.

You can imagine that the last couple of days I wasn;t all too active here, although I still managed to get some things done I had on the to-do list.
I must say Jan was even more active than I was LOL! And I must admit that the extension room slowly is getting an organized look. Yes, he is doing a great job there, still a lot of things have to be sorted out and stashed away , but eh seems to like it, being busy there building some smaller closets and racks, and it goes well as long as I am not showing my face there ROFL.
So I let him do whatever he does, hoping that I will be able to track some things, he stashed away,
and I give him a little compliment every now and then( he deserves that, really).

Oh, just got an email from Arlene, in which she told me she had to install a new computer, and is very busy with it, to get all things up and working, so it might be, that later this week I wil not have an add-on for a kit, yet. Well, I can imagine what a terrible job it must be to re-install and upload all things from an old computer, so I told her to take her time, and all will be well.

Okay, we will have to get back to "normal"routine as from today, I have a few things on my to-do list, that I really want to get done, so I will not talkl too much anymore and present you the new freebie.
I have the kit "Fanny"for you. Rather romantic and vintage looking one and oh my,Arlene made a beautiful quickpage for you as well as two clusters.
Before I leave have to tell you to take another look on Linda's blog. She has made some gorgeous quickpages again. And perhaps you want to see some beautiful photos that Sharon of ALl Things Precious has made, then go to this link

And if you could do with some new textures, Sharon has them too, on her Deviant art site.

Hope I didn;t forget anything, and if so there always is another day to write it down LOL!
Have a fantastic day.

Download   HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Yeah!! You did well in the Olympic games this year! I think that everyone who went there to participate was a winner already. Every one did a great job. It's good that Jan is happy with his renovation job in the extra room. It keeps him busy, and that keeps him young. Yesterday I found more green shoots coming up in my garden. Gosh, I hope they make it through till Spring. There is still so much snow and ice on the ground. Pogo an I are getting ready to go pick up my taxes. They are ready to be mailed out with a check. I am so glad that they are all done till next year. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I hope Arlene doesn't have too many problems learning her new computer's ways. Sometimes they can be complicated.
Congratulations to your country and it's teams on the Olympic medals...