Friday, January 17, 2014

I was a bit a naughty girl.

Goodmorning everybody!

Another two days of rather high temperatures for the time of year, accompanied by some rain, bit too much wind, but still not bad all together!
Wednesday I managed to get a few things done, not so bad, also went out for a moment for the usual grocerie stuff.
But Oh my, yesterday I was really naughty! I didn;t do anything, only spend hours on the computer, with some little brakes now and then, but I just couldn;t get myself into gear of doing anything else.
It ended up in something good, I made a whole new kit, using some of the textures of All ThingsPrecious and they are wonderful to work with.

So you can imagine there isn't much to tell you, only that today I will have to be more active, ( but not at the computer LOL).
The more that I am rather late this morning, slept loonger than I wanted to, but I think that was still part of the kind of "off-day" yesterday.
Okay, I will linger no more, and jump right to the freebie.
Sorry ladies, I am not inspired to a longer post, but every now and then that can happen.
Oh, Jan just woke up too, saw me typing on my blog and said I had to greet all of you, ROFL!!!
I sometimes tell him a bit about the things I write or some of your comments and such.
I don;t believe he fully understands it, this whole blogging thing but never mind that, grin!

I also will have to put on the freebies of January in the My Freebies list, think somewhere this weekend will be a good time for it. Already we have a big part of January beind us, and it seems that this year will not be other than the last couple of years, it will fly away!

Here the new freebie, thought you could use one in another color palette, so here's "Looking Back".
Some beautiful clusters from Arlene, to brighten up your pages a bit more and I hope I will have a somewhat more interesting post on Monday!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Download    HERE
Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Kyra it is good to have some down days now and then. Although I seem to be having quite a few of them lately, Spring will soon be here and I can spend more time outdoors. Pogo is itching to get out more, but it isn't always warm enough to take him out. Pretty soon though. Now it's time for me to post my blog. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello dear friend, sorry I haven't been around lately, trying to finish that project for Amy and had my "baby" tom fixed so nursing him along and my friend Jan, the one that had the radiation....has not been well since last week, she was in hospital and had some minor surgery so I have been there and now that she is home, I have been over trying to help there too. She is so weakened, but each day gets a little easier. Thought I would drop a note to say I got Wednesday and Today's kits and want to thank you so very much and thank Arlene too. I used a kit of yours and her cluster for a birthday page for my sister-in-law that I just finished posting on my blog....not enough hours in the day lately. LOL...I am thankful I am still able to help others! Will try chatting more over the weekend!
Hugs to ya my friend. Luv, Mat

Chris said...

Thank you so much for all the fabulous freebies. Chris xx

Corrine Corbin said...

Hi Kyra, I just picked up the new kit. Lovely greens which I love. My bedroom is the only room in our house that painted a color and it's green. The rest of the house is off white.

I made a page with your kit A Story Told and when I posted it I lippped in a link to your blog. hope you don't mind. I'm so proud and happy with the kits you make, I just had to share some of the wealth.

Have a good day and God Bless!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I wish you all a great weekend, enjoy and relax if you can...