Friday, January 10, 2014

I had a lovely birthday.

Goodmorning everybody!

Thanks to all who have left me wishes for my birthday, it made a part of my day, true!
I had a wonderful, quiet day, just did things I wanted to do, so it was all MY day LOL.
We went, as planned to the market, and yeah, I did give myslef as present a new shopping trolly.
I've found a picture on internet of about just the same one, only mine is in a nice blue tartan textile.
Funny, isn;t it, that someone can be so pleased with such a thing, but I couldn;t do my shopping without it!
So we did buy some stuff at the market, as veggies, some fruit and of course cheese!
Home again, I didn;t do much more, we just had a relaxed day and I loved it!

But yesterday I decided I had to do something more, so first I made dinner, that at dinner time only had to be put in the oven for a while, then did a laundry washing, hanged that out to dry and now the washing machine is almost full again, with all the Christmas rugs and pillow covers etc.
Then I treated myself with some computer time, and started a new kit.

Today will be another day of doing things. First have to do some grocerie shopping, need some coffee and cat food and such things, then I want to prepare the veggies for the freezer, and if still some time remains who knows, may be I will continue a bit on the kit.

The weekend we will spend lots of time at tv again, because there are the speed skating European Championships all-round, taking place in Norway.
well, by now you know we love to watch that sport, and add to that  a few detectives in the evening, we will have a great weekend LOL!

The weather looks to be not bad at all today, I can see blue sky, even sunshine, not too much wind, so it will be a good day to go out. The weather forcast is telling us that may be next week temperatures will drop some, even possible we will have a bit of nightfrost( only 1 or 2 below zero), pity, because temparatures now are still great for the time of year. But we shouldn't complain, other years we had much worse weather conditions!

Oh my porr friend Heidi didn;t have a good start of the new year! She called me on my birthday, to wish me a happy one, and when I asked her how she was doing, she told me, she almost couldn;t walk. She fell of the ladder when removing some Christmas decoration, fell on her bump and twisted her foot. Nothing broken, but at the moment she has a real swollen foot and has trouble when sitting, and it hurts a lot. Lucky they had still crutches(from the time her husband had operation on his knee), so she can hop around a bit, but it's no fun.
I think she has a lot of bruises and I know all about that, it's NOT nice at all!
Poor thing, I will try to visit her soon, but best will be, if she will be home alone( it gives us a better chance to chat about all we want ROFL).

Okay, that's about all, so we'll move on to the freebie, hey?
It's named "Remember that Moment"kind of nostalgic kit I suppose.
As usual some lovely clusters from Arlene, to finish off your layout.
You all take care and have a great weekend!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O my Goodness, can't believe I haven't been in here all week long. I don't know where the time goes anymore! I have gotten a lot of things accomplished that I wanted too, but it still seems like I'm spinning my wheels and getting no where! ROFL. I did get a couple of books read and scrapped 15 pages this week...and my shoulders know it...LOL! I've just finished cleaning out the refrigerator, cleaning litter boxes, and gathering up all the trash for collection today. Fed my kitties (inside and outside)got my laundry finished yesterday as well as my grocery shopping, just finished vacuuming and have my bathrooms to clean then I am finished for this week...whew! I'm tired just thinking about it all!
I am so sorry I missed your birthday, so glad to know it was a happy one! Little things mean more to us as we get older don't they? LOL! I thank you for the kits I picked up and for Arlene's your new look in here so I think I will be doing some more all the Christmas photos and birthday photos of Jade, Ruby and Jayson to scrap when I finish with Annabeth, Hayden and Calvin....and then I can't neglect Sebrina either...LOL! I have also done some for Nina of her grand and great grand kids. Got to go visit with Miss Edna and Linda, chat more later, will try not to take a week before visiting again. Have a fabulous weekend! Hugs, Mat

Галина Косинова said...

Большое спасибо за Ваши великолепные наборы!!! Желаю Вам всего хорошего,а Ваша подруга пусть быстрее поправляется!

Corrine Corbin said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday. I'm still working on that blog I have at google. It's coming along..My question is, How can I get a link to your blog because I tell people about your great kits (and another one today even)? and I'd like a blinkie or something to send them over to you to see what's going on and get a kit or so for themselves.

Digiscrap Freebiefinder said...

Thanks for the great freebie! You have been listed on a website featuring hand-picked designer digi freebies (with a link to your page for downloading)!

Shirley said...

Pleased you had such a good birthday and thanks for another lovely kit. Have a nice weekend.

Edna B said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday. You're a very special lady and you deserve to have a very special day!! Except for a lot of wind and rain, the temps here have been nice the last couple of days.

My favorite part of the winter sports on TV is the ice skating. I love watching these talented young people.

Now I'm going back to my lounge chair and curl up with my blanket. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads. It's good to hear that you enjoyed your birthday Kyra. I hope your friend Heidi is starting to feel a bit better too...