Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to MY HUBBY!!

Goodmorning everybody!

(layout is made with freebie kit fo today)

Yeah,  today Jan has his birthday, and his 3 weeks of happiness(being younger than me) are over again LOL!
Later today I'll have to go out for some shopping and then I will look what to make for dinner. Not a real fancy one, but I'll try to come up with something easy to make but still is something to his liking.
Going out I will have to wrap myself in a bit, because we have colder temperatures today( still it's not freezing), mainly because we have eastern wind which makes it feel colder than it really is.

We had two quiet days, which I spent with little things of this and that, and yesterday I took it all really quiet, because I had kind of bad day( my epilepsie played some tricks with me).
So best is then to take a lot of naps, and I even slept well during the night. Now hoping all is gone again.

Jan is trying to get our backroom in good order again, but it is going slowly. Not amazing, cause he has to watch his back, and has to do things for a little while and then I want him to sit down. No time limit to the job, so if it takes longer, so what?

My posts aren;t really interesting the last few times, sorry girls, I can;t help it. Not much going on, only the usual things. That I don;t mind too much, but it would be nice to talk about some different things, I think that will go better if the weather gets warmer and Spring arrives( as quickly as possible if you ask me LOL).

I have a kit for you today, that suites my hubby's birthday, cause it's named Happy Birthday.
a kit for you to use for all kind of birthdays you will encounter.
I will finish now, perhaps do a little bit of designing and start my shopping no too late, to be home again quick and have time to do something about dinner already(if I can think of something grin!).
Have a lovely day!

Download    part 1 HERE
Download    part 2 HERE

Download    HERE


Галина Косинова said...

Большое спасибо за чудесный набор! Поздравляю Яна с днем рождения !!! Желаю Вам здоровья,счастья и любви!!!Пусть все ваши желания исполняются !!!

Susanne said...

Dear Kyra,

Thank you so much for this wonderful kit. Birthday wishes to Jan. I hope you 2 had a nice day.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these great Birthday downloads.
I hope that Jan has enjoyed his special day...

Shirley said...

Another delightful kit, thank you. Hope you are feeling a little better today and that Jan enjoyed his birthday.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

So sorry I missed Jan's birthday too! Hope it was a happy one!. I am trying to get some rest today and the rest of this week. Jan has family in assisting her and se seems to be getting a little better each day as she is now eating even if she is having to force herself. The thrush is almost gone and the C-Diff infection seems to be coming under control FINALLY! Feel so badly for her (She is not that old, but she seems so frail right now. Anyhow, I am trying to recharge me so that I stay healthy. Only old arthritis is kicking in because of the cold, but Aleve is helping for a few hours.
Lovely kits, thank you and Arlene so very much, got this one and the one I missed on Monday. I have been having a little trouble with my computer being slow, cleaned it a little bit and my guru came by last evening freeing it up even more so...thank goodness.
The RAK pages you did for Miss Edna are simply beautiful as is the one for Jan. Great work there lady, but how can you go wrong with such lovely kits. I am still working on 2 books for my niece Amy one for her mother and one for her mother-in-law as she wants to get them for Mother's Day gifts.
Well, got to get busy and move for a few minutes making "arthritis" calm down some....LOL.
You take care of you and do what you need to stay healthy, sleeping off and on all of one day is not too much to ask to stay in good shape. Glad you make Jan take a break often too! So I am heeding you advice and gonna do the same today! ROFL! I got my shopping done yesterday (was completely out of cat food after breakfast, so had to go).
Y'all have a terrific day and stay warm and dry! Hugs, Mat

Corrine Corbin said...

I just picked up the birthday kit. I thought I should read back through and see how things are going along. Then I had to go out to google and find out about your Royal family. It was quite interesting to read about the Royals and how William got to become King. And to be the first King in 123 years, wow.that's something. Congratulations to everyone.eyweenpo

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Kyra:)
I too am soo sorry I missed Jan's birthday. I sure hope he was able to relax and enjoy it! Happy Belated Birthday to him!!

I sure hope your episode with epilepsy hasn't set you back. I see you haven't posted for a couple of days.

Thank you so much for stopping by to wish me a Happy Birthday!So Sweet of you!

I LOVE your kits and thank you soo much for sharing them with me! Arlene does a wonderful job making cluster frames etc out of them. Thank you Arlene too!

I have had a sinus cold and not attempting much right now.Hoping the snow melts away soon.:)


HappyScreens said...

Thanks so much for this great kit and clusters! I will be able to use it a lot. Happy belated birthday, Jan!

Edna B said...

Gosh, I hope you are feeling okay now. I stopped by early but you hadn't posted yet, and then I got busy and did not make it back. I hope Jan's birthday was a happy one. As usual, your kit and Arlene's add ons are just wonderful. Take it easy my friend, hugs, Edna B.