Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, I;ve made it to another year of my life, ROFL!
Yesterday, just after midnoght, Jan turned to me with a BIG, naughty smile on his face, and said this to me( well, more or less in this words):
"Oh my, it's a quarter past midnight, you are having your birthday. Well, congratulations and happy birthday to you, OLDER woman!" ( and gave me a big kiss).
Okay, he had his moment of fun ( and I don't mind LOL).

Yesterday we worked hard and got rid of all the Christmas decorations, packed them into boxes again and stuffed them away. it took some time, but takes less time than putting them all up.
Till now I didn;t find anything we overlooked to pack, but we often think that and suddenly somewhere, after a couple of days, a little decoration peeps up. Perhaps we did a real thourough job this year????
After all was gone, I gave the house a real good vacuum cleaner treatment and now we have our "" normal"house back again!
Still it needs a little bit time to get used to that again too! As jan and I sat o the couch in the evening, we looked at eachother with a kind of "sad"face and had to admit, that we missed a bit the Christmas lights LOL!
Our cat Brodski also was a bit uneasy yesterday, with us moving around the place, also moving around some furniture etc. And worst for him was the time I took out the vacuum cleaner. As soon as he hears that ( already the sound of the little wheels is enough! he hates the thing!))he makes a run to the kitchen and in one move to the outside. ! There he waits, till the moise is gone, and comes in some time after it, and then is happy to get back on his chair and take another nap LOL!

We didn;t make it to the market on Monday, so that will be our goal today. We could do with some veggies and fruit and cheese too and I hope to find a new shopping car there too! The one I am using now, is almost falling apart after many years of good service. I taped it a bit together, but that will not hold very long. Okay, that will be my birthday present hahahahaha!
But it's a good one, because I would miss it badly, if I cannot do my shopping anymore with a little car. It's a lot easier doing the grocerie shopping with the car, carrying all the stuff by hand is no option.
Weather looks to be not too bad today, temps are still rather well with more or less + 46 F, , bit windy, but we even might see some sunshine.
I think that will be about all we do today( we were a little bit pooped out yesterday), and I think I;ll have to do some washes tomorrow, the normal laundry is piling up already, and then I want to wash all Christmas plaids and mats etc. so they will go clean into the closet for next time.

Well, enough rambling for now, let's dig up a freebie for you! Today I have the kit I made my bloglayout with, nemed "Frozen Memories". Another winter kit, and a lovely add-on from Arlene, two clusters and one sweet quickpage!
And if you could do with some more lovely quickpages, go to Linda's blog, she has made some beauties!

Have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra and Happy Birthday !!!
What? a new shopping car will be your present ?? Your are really funny !! I know this is very useful, because I have one too... but I hope you will have other gifts and surprises !
I wish you a wonderful birthday, and I thank you very much for all the beautiful kits you share, and thanks to Arlene for her fantastic clusters and quickpages !

Tammy Tags said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for all of the beautiful kits that you share for free all year long! I hope you enjoy your day!

VJ's Scrap Room said...


Hope your day is extra special!!

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely kit with me.LOVE IT! :)

Warm hugs my friend!

Edna B said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY FRIEND. I hope your day is a peaceful and happy one. I agree that it is a bit sad once the Christmas lights are all put away. It is so cold here lately that I really haven't gone out to do anything. Tomorrow I have to go food shopping. I've put it off as long as I can, but now I have only one more day of doggie food.

It's supposed to warm up over the weekend and I'm hoping that Pogo and I can get out for a bit. Boy, I sure will be glad to see Spring get here! You have a fabulous Birthday my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Beautiful kit. I've decided to get a blog and share some of the pages I've made with your kits and some pages from Raspberry Road but I haven't any idea how to make a blog! Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,Kyra and many, many more. Thank You for another sweet little kit .---Talli

Anonymous said...

Hello and Happy Birthday Kyra, I hope you've had a great birthday. Thank you both (Kyra and Arlene) for the lovely downloads (looking forward to downloading them when I get home)...

Shirley said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for another lovely freebie. My little cat doesn't like the vacuum cleaner either !!

Punk said...

Happy Birthday and Health and Happiness in the coming year. Thanks always for all of your wonderful free creations.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many more. Always so nice to read your blog…feels like part of the family.
Regards and best wishes, Grace.

Галина Косинова said...

Большое спасибо за чудесные наборы !!! С днем рождения Вас поздравляю!!! Желаю здоровья,счастья и творческих успехов !!!

Toni said...

Hi hun i went to download this gorgeous kit but the links arent valid anymore