Monday, December 09, 2013

Really getting into Christmas mood.

Goodmorning everybody!

We have had some rian here, not loads of it, but for a longer time.
Friday morning I went for some shopping, I left the house with some rain, but that stopped when I was half way to the supermarket. I quickly got my things and when I left I walked in a shower of hail! It only lasted for a couple of minutes and then I never saw it back again.
For the rest of the weekend there isn;t too much to tell, only that on Friday Jan and I started with the Christmas decorating, and it always takes more time than you think!
But we did get it done, almost all, most time consuming was hanging back the light at the ceiling, but Jan did a great job, I helped him at times holding the light cords, so they didn;t mess up, and we even got it done without too much arguing LOL!
We will have to finish the decorating today, just a couple of little things are left to do and then I can make an overview of the whole room, hopefully.
It's always difficult to have a good photo, because the flashlight takes away a bit the real feeling, but without it is too dark. But you can get an idea of our living room in Christmas time.
First the tree, I have about the same decorations for a long time already, but somehow I manage to give it a slightly different look every year, just by changing the garlands in it.

Here the part of the sitting area, with the couches covered with Christmas fleece blankets.
The a shot of the dining table(that we hardly ever use to eat LOL), this year I covered it completely with a golden undercloth and covered that with a beautiful shimmering gold-organza and because it was to large I bound the four corners with a golden organza ribbon,
I have a close up from the bowl on the table. I needed something Christmassy on it, I had the glass bowl, filled it first with a couple of garlands, and then added some different christmas balls, in gold and bronze, and a few pinecones. As last touch I found a skinny garland in the box and turned it around the bowl a couple of times and hanges the left over part into the bowl. With just a few things you have a real nice table decoration, all made with stuff I already had.
When we finished all, I will try to make an overview of the room, in the evening, when all the lights are on!

We are just like two little kids, when we sit on the couch in the evening, and look around in the room, telling eachother how nice it looks LOL! The big parts stay about the same, but every year we try to change some a bit, Jan always has some funny, great ideas for the figurines and such, and we have such fun finding just the right place for them and have a good laugh about it, hahahaha!

It's hard work, and we are really pooped out now a bit, but the work is almost done and we can enjoy the fruits of it for about a month.

Time I post the freebie for you, than I will have some time left for a bit blog hopping and may be even some deigning, it is still quiet here, Jan is still asleep and I let him have a good sleep, he needs it, but later this morning, hop, to work again, after the last decorating I will have to do a good vacuum cleaning and then I hope to "flop down" on the couch and do nothing more today( well, only have to warm up dinner in the oven, I;ve made double portions yesterday, so that's easy for today).

Another Christmas kit, yes, and this time the one I used for my bloglayout, named Christmas Splendour". I think you will be happy with Arlene's add-on, she made an awesome quickpage, a frame, made of a paper and a beautiful cluster.
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Your house looks really nice. Can't wait to see when the lights are on. We got the tree up in the main part of the house, and today I'll get mine decorated.

Gosh, I'm not liking this winter weather much. It snowed through the night here. Just a light covering of snow, and today it will rain all day.

I'm at work for a couple more hours, then I can go home. Sad to say, retirement is beginning to look good to me. I never thought I would say that! lol.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Your home looks lovely with your Christmas decorations. Interested in seeing the lighted ceiling. My tree bit the dust sometime yesterday when the Australian Shepherd was chasing a cat from one window to the next. I stood it back up but now my daughter will come down to put the decos back on it.

Thank you for the beautiful kit. I'll enjoy using it to make some very pretty Christmas pages for the grand children and their children.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you both Kyra and Arlene for these lovely downloads...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow, coldest morning this season....19F this morning with a wind chill around 11F....but we are to have no more clouds, just sunshine today and possibly up ro 36F which means the ICE will begin to melt. We are so not used to this much ICE, nor cold for so long, 6 days now...everyone is getting "cabin fever" from being inside, now the trucks can get back to deliveries at the stores and gas pumps (all has been empty for a couple of days now), the mail will be delivered AND the trash will be picked up! Now this weather system is hitting the north and northeastern states! At least all in TX now have power back, but the airports are still in turmoil with all the cancellations either leaving here or landing at other places where the storms are now!
Thanks so much for the 2 lovely kits and please thank Arlene too for her shares with us! I love looking at your home, the decorations are awesome and so is your blog background. Thanks for letting me know about my blog background, Miss Boots (Linda) finally got it to stay visible.
Got more blog reading to do, so will chat more with you later! Hugs, Mat

Галина Косинова said...

Великолепно !!! И наборы и ваша комната !!!