Monday, November 11, 2013

Will it come true today?

Goodmorning everybody!

Quiet weekend, all together. Not that I mind that, only thing is that I have fears going to pick something from the extension, because then I have to crawl over the mess that is standing and laing around there LOL! I am sure that will be for some more time, but I will try to hold on to some hope that one day it will be gone again.
First of all I just hoep that today that plumber will come to do his job. He aid last time he could come today, but I didn;t here the exact appointment e made with the neighbours, so I just cross fingers. I have had more than enough of that leak and the little nucket and all in our toiletroom.

The weekend we passed in rather lazyness, although Jan did some work on that big closet. But I keep telling him that he should call somebody for help, I cannot lift enough to be of real service. Now there is the problem that Jan is of the rather stubborn kind of human being(like I am too at moments) and wants to solve and do it by himself. So some problem is there, result some argueing and irritation, which passes quickly too, but it works a bit on my nerves. I just would like to finish it quickly and to have the house in rather good order. ROFL.
Oh, and Friday was my "active"day, yes! Gave part of the house good clean, and thoroughvacuum turnand such, I was happy about myself.

In the weekend there also was the firt World cup speedskating, in Calgary. And oh my, our skaters did well. It was nice to see some of the opponents too, that they will have to deal with at the Olympics, and there are some real strong ones!
But if our skaters will keep there form as it is now, and some will need the time till the games to improve, we do have good chances to win some medals there.
In sports I like to see everybody perform well, but..sometimes I am a little bit of a chauvinist and cheer a bit more for our guys and girls than for the others LOL!

Weather is going a bit on and off now. Bit lower temperatures, windy at times and I think it was yesterday morning, it suddenly became real dark and gloomy and suddenly we had a hail shower! Brrr, that can stay away in my opinion. It didn't last long and afterwards we even did see some sunshine again.
This night we had in some parts of the country the first nightfrost. I know, it's the time of year, but too much isn;t to my liking.

I had some time at the computer, mainly making a start to a new kit and most of the time making the previews of Arlene's clusters to the latest kits. As usual, she did an awesome job, as you will see when I offer them with the kits.
Today it's the kit Without a Sound, and you can see the clusters and quickpage arlene made, lovely!
You have a great day, stay out of trouble and see you again on Wednesday!
Download  HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Monday Morning Kyra!
Thanks for the lovely gift from you and from Arlene. Also, thanks for the chuckles while reading your post! You crack me up with your impatience to have it all fixed and finished (that is SO LIKE ME), I am very impatient too, and I usually pay for it with having to rest too much afterwards....ROFL!
My cats are so tired of me moving things and throwing things out or putting in a pile to recycle at the Salvation Army...LOL! But I can say I am very happy that I am organizing things and cleaning out dust bunnies and cobwebs and cat hair! LMAO! The cats are "helping" by investigating everything I move or every door or drawer that I open! LOL!
Hope your weather doesn't get too bad we are expecting our first freeze tomorrow night so I spent the weekend getting my areas ready for my potted plants to be put away today! Then I have to put my water hoses up and put protection on my outside water faucets, then I think I will be ready! Lots of work I did over the weekend, but very proud I did it all!
Have a great day, will catch up again on Wednesday! Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

I understand your frustration with the mess and inconvenience of not having the leak fixed already. I hope the plumber shows up soon and takes care of it.

I too have been lazy lately about the vacuuming and dusting, so I'm thinking that maybe later today I can get a bit of it caught up. I must confess, that when it comes to housework, I am always quite a bit lazy. lol.

Hopefully, Jan will slow down a bit before he does any damage to his back. Guys just don't always think with their brains.

Your new kit and Arlene's add ons are beautiful. Once I get my house back in order, I must get back into designing and scrapping. Now I'm off to make friends with my vacuum cleaner. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I hope the plumber was able to fix the leak for you...

RETA said...

Such a beautiful BlogSpot!


HappyScreens said...

Wonderful colors and elements - thank you!