Friday, November 01, 2013

Ever gone to WC with umbrella???

Goodmorning everybody!

First hope you all survived Halloween well and had lots of fun!

May be a funny post title but I will explain.
Because of the whole in our ceiling the leak from upstairs has more free space to send the water drops down.
So it can happen that we do our business at the toilet and suddenly feel some drops of water in our neck LOL!. We will try today to avoid that, operhaps we can attach a piece of thick plastic to the wood, make a little whole in the plastic, so that whatever water is coming from that leak, will fall on to it, run to the lower part with the whole in the plastic and can drop into a bucket.
Plumber couldn;t come earlier than a week from Monday to come, so we hope upstairs neighbours will not take too many showers and be careful with the wc ROFL.
Oh well, we have been struggling for so long now, we can handle this week extra.

Oh, I wanted to give you this message I received from a visitor to my blog, it may be of use to you.

I was downloading several of the beautiful kits and clusters I missed this month and, as usual, MediaFire has a pop up window in the background. Most times I just click the "x" to shut it. However, I thought you should know that this time the following popped up:

blocked red-x
Symantec logo
Malicious Web Site Blocked

You attempted to access:

This is a known malicious web site. It is recommended that you do NOT visit this site. The detailed report explains the security risks on this site.

For your protection, this web site has been blocked. Visit Symantec to learn more about phishing and internet security.

Exit this site.

I don't know if others have had this problem but thought you should be aware of it.

Well, today I hope to have a rather quiet day, okay, we will give a shot at the plastic attaching, I also have to do a laundry, may some little eraands can be done too, but for the rest I hope to be able to spend some time at the computer, cause the designing is a bit on slow speed at the moment.
Oh, I do spend time at the computer, mostly in the morning, when all is still quiet and peacful(meaning Jan still asleep grin, grin)but I easily get distracted when I do some blogreading here and there. There is often a link to a site that might have some interesting tutorials, or freebies and often you go from one link to another. That consumes time, and when I look at the little clock on my computer I realize that an hour has been gone already!
Never mind too much, but it takes away designing time, so I do have to restrain myself at times not going from link to link as a mad goblin!

Today's kit is "Innocent Thoughts" Look at the fantastic quickpage Arlene has made you, together with the 2 great clusters!!
Take care, and have a lovely weekend.
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Gosh, when it rains, it pours. What a shame about that leak in the bathroom, but at least you do have the umbrella. lol. I hope that the leak does get fixed properly soon. You've been through so much with it. I know what you mean about losing time because of skipping around when you are blog reading. I do it too, and the next thing you know I am way behind in my chores. No matter though. It's fun. I haven't come across with that message on Mediafire yet, but I will keep an eye out for it. As soon as I finish my coffee, I'm going to bed. We had a fabulous flight during the night, and we even waved when we flew over your area. I hope you were able to catch us. You have a fabulous day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Cat said...

Hi Kyra

So nice to hear from you.. I have not forgotten you either, my friend. I too get sidetracked with all the blog hopping. Lol. Hours are lost sometimes. But so many lovely blogs to visit. (smiles)
Hope all is well with you and Jan.
Take care.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

LOL..too funny to take the umbrella with you...but, you gotta do what you gotta do! LOL!
Hoping that situation is fixed when the plumber does get there!
Thanks for the lovely kit and for Arlene's gifts too!
I am resting some this afternoon, got to put 5 more boxes in my car then I think I will have it all done but one box that I have to hang on to until the final bills are paid.
Now, I can reorganize my room for my stuff...yippee!
Have a terrific weekend! Hugs, Mat