Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Hopefully soon no more waterdrops!

Goodmorning everybody!

did I tell you we had some ore leaking> It might be unbelievable, but it's true!
One very small one, that occurs only once in a while, and unday evening Jan discovered one in the passage to the extension, where we had one before!
So next day he called the guy who rents the appartment, told him what happened, then yesterday morning I called him again, to speed up things a bit. He came early afternoon, took a look, wasn't happy about it and decided that perhaps it was a good thing to call the property owner.
He promised to do so and come back with the him today. Well, we'll see if that happens.
We told him that there should come a solution for it, because we were getting a bit cranky about it( we did put it in mild words LOL).
And that may be it needed a proper plmber to take care of it.
Yesterday we had no more water, because the business upstairs had a day off, so no water was used and so the leaking stopped. It has to be, as we think, a misconnection in one of the wterpipes, but it's to them to find it and repair it!
Let's see if they come today and what they will do about it. We already warned them that we liked to solve the isue in a nice way, but if it woudn;t be solved now, we might have to take other steps and they might get an official claim for the damage and such.
We better like to solve the question in mutual understanding, of course, but slowly it becomes really annoying, at the least.

Okay, it's a matter that, hopefully will be taken care off, and then we can go on with the last bits of re-decorating and so.

Monday early afternoon I finally had a visit to Heidi again, after many weeks.
Okay, we were busy, I knew she was busy, so time passes quickly and suddenly you realize how long ago our last meeting had been!
It was nice weather so we could sit in her garden and oh boy, we had lots to talk about LOL!
We updated a bit on our lives, had a chance to get some things opf our chest, hahahah, and suddenly it was time for her to pick up Séverine from school already.
As usual we promised eachother that the next visit would be sooner, or at the least we would have a phonecall. Hmmmm, perhaps we will manage to do it.
But...that's the great thing between us, we never have or make problems if contact takes a bit more time.
It's okay, and when we meet we feel good, have a throurough talk and some wonderful laughs, and so it has to be between good friends.
Oh, I wore a sweater I kntted myself, but I didn;t tell her that yet, and already she said to me she liked it! I told her I made it myself and that I am not all too good in it, but it keeps me busy in the evenings. So perhaps I have another "project"to look forward too, knitting a sweater for her. It will take a little bit more time than I needed for mind, just because her size needs to be larger LOL!

I think today I have to do a bit of grocerie shopping, weather looks nice enough, just a pity there is a bit too much wind to my liking.Oh well, I am already happy the sun is shining and it is dry and even the temperature is not too bad. So time is there to say goodbye again with the freebie for today, No. first I will give you the link to Linda's blog again, because she has a beautiful quickpage for you, made with my kit Reflections. Leave her a little smile if you download! And a link to Snowy;s blog, yes, the girl is a bit back in blogging land, LOL, and has some great freebies for you!
Today's kit is named "Distant Memory", with a lovely add-on from Arlene.
Have a beautiful day!

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Download    HERE


Edna B said...

My goodness, you and Jan have had enough of these water leak problems. I surely hope that the owner calls in a proper plumber to take care of the leaks. I know how frustrating it can be. We had a leak that kept being fixed, but not properly, and finally ended up being a much bigger job to fix the problem properly.

It was good that you finally got to sit and visit with Heidi. Her daughter must be quite the young lady by now. Kids grow so quickly. Today we are going to have a very warm afternoon, 80F. Then back to the 70's by tomorrow. Pogo and I will go out this morning to enjoy this last little burst of summer. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you both for these beautiful downloads...