Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Still busy around here.

Goodmorning everybody.

Wow, we stay rather active around here. Monday I did about half of the bedroom walls, the yellow part. That was the hard part, because the bed is very heavy and not easy to move, plus the bedroom isn;t too big, so we cannot move the bed all the way to the other end(it has a bit akward corner in it).
But Jan helped to move it and I got just enough space to put the ladder in.
After finishing that and putting bed back on it's place and taking advantage of the fact I could reach some difficult spots for vacuuming, so I did that too I was pooped out a bit.
I was lucky I had some stew left from the other day, so I only made some macaroni to it(which tasted great together) and dinner was made very quickly.
Yesterday I took a some free time, well, from the painting LOL.
But I did a laundry, and I also cleaned the floor of the hallway. It looks much better now.
I even went out for a moment, had to pick up some medicines for Jan at the pharmacy.
Yesterday Jan however, was rather busy. He did paint a part of the extension inside and prepared the wall in the little storage room(taking off some old wallpaper). Good he warned me for a bit of a mess there, otherwise I could have had a heart attack when I went looking ROFL. Oh my, the floor and some stuff standing there was well covered with pieces of wallpaper. He didn;t had the energy anymore to clear that away.
But that will be his task today! And may be he will start painting the walls there.
I don;t know what I will do today. May be I can paint some wall in the bedroom, but if Jan is going to paint too, that will be difficult, because we both need the large ladder for it. Well, we'll see what happenes.

Our parliament and government are back from their holiday time and already the first day there was a lot of talking and critiques on the first speech of the premier. Soon the governmental parties, who make the policy, will present the new policy for the next few years, but as every year, already some of the plans were leakes and it is buzzing all over the parliament and the country, how bad a lot of things they have in mind will be for the country, the fighting of the crisis, the unemployment, and more. So I think, and hope, soon a lot of "fighting" will be done in the parliament.
It could become a very hot and uneasy time for the government parties. But I expect, that as always in the end they will put through their plans and the opposition will not be able (or willing) to do something against it. But who knows, if their is too much resistance, we might get new elections in a few months.
Let's see how all will develop!

Okay, I was already a bit late this morning, so I better finish the post now and get into action.
The weather sure is making us happy, today we have a lot of sunshine and almost no wind, temps around 77 F, lovely!
Kit today is named "One of Us". Arlene made a wonderful page cluster and two frame clusters, so all together there is enough stuff to play with, I hope.
Have a marvellous day!
Download    HERE

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Your new kit is lovely. I love the greens and purples. I have to smile a bit when you speak of needing room for the big ladder. I am short too, (5 feet) so I have to use the ladder for most things. I used to be taller, 5 feet one inch, but old age has shrunk me a bit. lol.

Your home is going to look so wonderful and sunny when you are finished with all the painting. I can't wait to see the photos. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I hope that the weather stays fine so you can complete your painting.
Having the yellow colour in the bedroom will make it feel sunny even when winter comes...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you so much dear for the lovely, lovely kit and give Arlene a shout of thanks as well.
Had computer woes yesterday, a hacker got into my e-mail and spammed so many times. I personally deleted about 60,000 failed notices before my guru got off work and came by to fix the problem. It was not a virus, just a spammer...(lazy SOB's that have nothing better to do than irritate others). Anyhow, it is fixed now but I have to try to remember a new password! ROFL!
Your home is going to look like the sun is shining all winter with the new painting you have done. I am sure you are very pleased with yourselves! If not, you should be! That was a hard task to undertake!
Well, off to do some visiting, catch you again later! Hugs, Mat

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NanaBunny said...

Hello dear Lady! It is so good to come back see you are doing well!I snagged several of your lovely gifts. Sending warm hugs to you. Peace to your house ~NanaBanana