Friday, September 20, 2013

Late wake up this morning.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I woke up rather late this morning, I guess I just needed the sleep.
Wednesday we made it to the market, I was running out of potatoes and onions and fruit, so Jan and I had a nice walk there. Only the weather didn;t co-operate completely LOL.
By the time we were almost done at the market, and just were buying some cheese, the gates of heaven opened and a real heavy rainshower was our part. Gosh, in a short time lots of water came down!
Lucky we were just standing under the canopy of the market stall, so we stayed there till the raincurtain stopped. and then we could continue our walk back home, practically dry all the time.
Home again we really didn;t do too much anymore, I had it easy concerning the dinner, Imade the day before some chili con carne, there was enough left of it, so only had to warm that up and tadaaa, the hungry could be fed again LOL.
But I did take a nice nap that afternoon, as well as Jan, so it was a while very quiet in our home.

Yesterday was groecerie shopping time, had to make the "grand tour"cause in the supermarket nearest by they didn;t had all I needed, so all took a bit more time.
Home again I saw Jan attacked the last part of the pantry and I changed my colthes for my "working clothes"and attacked part of the wall of the passage to the pantry and extension. Yes, we are getting there, with every action now we approach slowly the end of it all, yippee.
After we did the painting, which didn;t take all too long, we had a little break and then went back to the pantry to put all the things back again. We changed it a bit, we had standing still a small closet where I keep all the cleaning stuff, reserve of shampoo, shower gel, etc. and we placed it in the pantry, with some re arrangement of the racks we had there and it all just fitted and is looking quite well now.
It made a little space in the passage, so now I have a good spot for the shopping car and vacuum cleaner, which first had their place in the pantry, but they always were standing a bit in the way.
Think I will clean up the pantry and passage some more today, and we can attack then the rest of the mess and disorder LOL.

It is supposed to be a little better weather in the next few days. Temps will go up some, which is nice, and perhaps that will be a good time to spend also some time in the garden, it slowly needs preparing for winter, and we still have to replace a couple of smaller bushes, trim some etc.
I can do it by myself, but it will be easier if Jan gives a hand too.

For now I think I slowly will have to put on some clothes and get a few things done, but not without leaving you with a free.
After a long time I have again a bit of fantasy one for you, "Forgotten Fairytale"/ and again Arlene made you some wonderful add-ons, like a fantastic quickpage!
Have a lovely day and fantastic weekend!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely downloads...

SiskiyouSue said...

Thank you, Kyra. These are adorable.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning! It is a great one here, it has been raining since 8:30 p.m. and we need it so desperately! The front is moving through now and should be dropping temps a wee bit and knocking down the humidity! Yippee! Could take the 80F temps all the time instead of the 90's and 100's we have been experiencing!
Glad you got done with some of the minor stuff and that you got some rest too. Y'all take it easy over the weekend and start fresh with a new week.
Thank you so much for the beautiful kit and please thank Arlene for her beauties too!
Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

What a beautiful kit and add-ons. You ladies work very well together. We had a nice warm day today too. I hope it lasts for a little while. Today was a long day and there was no internet at work. Boo hoo. By the time I got home from from work, did the banking and the food shopping, it was too late to post on my blog. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

How are your bruises doing? Hopefully, they all fading away and the soreness is leaving. Now I think I'll get into my jammies and snuggle up in a blanket. It's been a long day. You have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B>