Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We took a few days doing not much!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, the wall in the kitchen is starting to dry, although it will take some more time to be completely dry and good enough to paint over.
Monday Jan and I heard some movement at the 1st floor nieghbours, so he went up to check. Found two guys working there. One of them was the new owner or at the least "manager"(LOL), and he went to the police to get the keys from the lock. Jan explained the whole situation to him and he understood why we acted the way we did, We have a phonenumber now if we need to contact, and Kan made an agreement with him. So we are happy again and cross our fingers that we are done with leaks and such now, grin.

The the rest of the day and yesterday too, we didn;t do much work, just a few little things, like Jan painting some little spots again to make all look really good, I did some shoppping and a laundry and yesterday we went to the DIY supermarket to get us some more wallpaint for the rest of the house.
Also took some paint color tubes to make us the color we want.
Oh we had a good laugh at the DIY!
There was an action just for the wallpaint we needed, a big discount. Great!
But arriving at the cask desk the discount only was for people who had a special customer card. We didn;t(cause we normally don;t come often enough there), and that was a disappointment. Jan almost wanted to put the paint back as there was a young man waiting for his turn, who offered us to use his customercard! Now that was such a nice gesture that I said to him: "oh, you are so nice, I could kiss you for it"! Checkout  girl said, with a laugh :"now that's something I would love to see".
Don;t say anything like that to me, so I almost jumped at the guy's neck(he was a lot taller than me) and gave him a kiss on the cheek LOL! Chekcout girl had a big smile on her face and the guy had really a blush on his face, I think he was a bit shy and of course never expected that I take the challenge of the checkout girl!
But he deserved it, his card gave us a discount of € 14,00!!
Yes, there are still friendly people on the world.!

I think that today I first will do some ironing and if I am ready with it early enough(meaning that I have to start early too LOL) I can at the least prepare the walls of the hall ( youknow, the woodwork taping to prevent that I paint it). And may be I can prepare the paint too, meaning that I mix the color into the white paint.
If it works well, it should become a nice soft yellow, which will make the hall and also the bedroom very sunny and happy. Perhaps in the bedroom I just will paint two walls in the yellow and the rest in white, depending on how the yellow turns out.

Well, enough said, time for the freebie.
The kit is named "If I were a Countess", with  a couple of "richer"papers in it.
Arlene made with one those a beautiful quickpage for you>
Have some fun using it, perhaps, and also have a marvellous day!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Cute Poppo said...

oh!! who would refused the proposal from a lovely lady, ya knw i feel so unlucky when i go for shopping and find my member card left in home, and i always discover this at the check point :(

Edna B said...

My goodness you really had some very good luck with your DIY shopping! It is always so nice to meet up with a really nice person. It restores ones' faith in people. It's also good that the new owner is so cooperative abut fixing the water leaks. Your kit and Arlene's clusters today are beautiful. Nice work ladies! I'm home from work now and need to get busy doing a few things while I am awake. lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning, love your new look of the background. Looks so inviting!!
Glad you got new numbers and a new understanding with the new "manager" of the apartment....LOL!
Glad you met such a nice young man to give you the discount for the paint as well! Great luck!!
I love yellow of any bedroom is a soft butter yellow with bright white trim work. The rest of my home is painted a soft beige blush with white trim and the guest bath is done in a dove blue/gray with peach/pink accents. (the trim needs re-painting, but I cannot get down to do it!) With all the soft neutral colors, I can add the bold, vibrant colors for accent! ROFL!
Did you see the freebie I did with you last N 18 kit?
Well, don't work too hard today and tomorrow! I have errands that must be done today, so off here for now. Chat again on Friday!
Oh and thanks to you and Arlene for the lovelies today! So appreciate them! Hugs, Mat :) xoxo

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I'm glad all worked out well with your neighbours...