Monday, August 26, 2013

Very disturbing weekend!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

First thanks to all for the sweet anniversairy wishes.

Friday we had a really gorgeous day, great temperatures, with not much wind, so Jan went for a bike ride and I decided to take a walk. I thought I might check a bit on the blackberries, so I had some walking to do LOL!. I went to a park, where last year there were quite some blackberry bushes, and they are still there. But I didn't get a lot of them, I think they need still a week or two to be ready for me to pick. Still I had a nice walk, love to walk through the park and a part of town, where it is very quiet and with lots of greenery, . All together a nice time spending, came home after about 2 1/2 hours.

Saturday weather was a bit less good, temperature still nice, but cloudy, so Jan and I thought it a good time to go to the market. We bought some fruit, a little bit of vegetables and yes, I did get my prawns.
Succesful day, and no working in the house, Jan ony took the vacuum cleaner to give the room and hallway a treat LOL. You could say it was the first round of cleaning up after all the painting and such.

I planned to make the prawns that evening, but finally we decided to leave them for Sunday evening, so we just had some sandwiches. Oh well, for one day it's really good and easy.

But now the real story begins! First have to ask you if I ever told you about our neighbours above us, on the 1st floor? They are a bit special, grin!
It is a house where ladies give erotic massages to clients, yeah! But as long as it doesn;t bother us, why should we do difficult about it.
So the appartment isn;t all the time "lived"in, after working hours the ladies leave and come back the next day day again.
Now listen to this! Saturday evening/night, just before I wanted to go to bed, Jan came into the room with the announcement we had a leak in the kitchen!
It wasn;t a big one, so we put some towls on the floor, I went to bed, but Jan almost didn;t sleep at all.
Waking up in the morning we both took a look and it had become a rather serious one!
Well, easiest thing to do was to see if there was anybody "home"at the 1st floor appartment. Jan went to check, but nobody answered the door. I still had a phonenumber from the guy who we thought was owner of the appartment( or he was perhaps the "boss", we had no idea LOL), so early morning I tried to reach him. No luck, mobile phone number was no longer connected it seemed.
Now we had a problem. So after some serious thinking I tried to find a phonenumber from the "business", found it on their website (yes, the even have that!) and tried it. I only got voicemail on the two numbers. Only thing I could do was to leave a message.
But we had a serious leak going on, it was too much to leave it till next day, when perhaps the ladies came to work again. Finally we called the police, explained the situation and within half an hour two policemen where there!
They also tried the phonenumbers, of course they had to check, they also banged on the door, calling out"hello, here is the police"!
No result, of course. after a bit of discussion( they had seen the leak in our kitchen, of course), they called for a locksmith, who came in about 15 minutes. Meanwhile the two policemen waited for him, of course and well, we had a chat with them to pass the time.
Locksmith opened the door by just taking out the lock with a drill, policemen went into the appartment, looked around for the cause of the leak(I am sure they also took advantage to look around in the "club"hahaha) and found it. It appeared that somebody was installing something, for that needed to turn of the water, but didn't close the little hendle completely, and therefore water kept dripping from the opened waterpipe and when it is doing that long enough yeah, it goes to lower areas, which was our kitchen!
Locksmith closed their door again with a big padlock, police left a note saying the keys could be picked up at the policestation.
I am sure the club will recieve a rather big bill for the locksmith to pay, perhaps some more, anyway they will not be happy.
But we were happy, soon the leak stopped dripping and all can start to dry up again.Yet we were rather pissed off, the more because we just finished repainting the kitchen, so now we can start again.
we will see if we can get some compensation for paint and such from the club, if not, we will have to contact our insurance company.
First we shall try to contact a lady upstairs ( if they come to work, we don;t know for sure) and then I want to have phonenumbers from people that we can call in case of calamities!

So we didn;t had a normal. perhaps even boring Sunday this time. At the same time, with all that going on, the whole day was wrecked, so we didn;t do anything else after the police was gone.
Jan took a long nap, I watched some tv and the only nice thing was our prawn dinner, although even that didn;t taste as well as it should have.

I think you have had enough to read for now, hey?
Today I have a Nutshell kit for you named "Tormero" (I'll return) and two lovely clusters from Arlene.
And let's see what excitement today will bring again LOL!
You have a great day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Poor Kyra, I'm so sorry for the painting in your kitchen... you worked so hard ! but don't give up ! and please, you should call your insurance company right now... in your case, I would not wait...
Thank you very very much for this lovely green kit, oh it's awesome !
(unfortunately I couldn't download Arlene's clusters...the antivirus became red!! I don't understand why... ; but I think you have enough problems with your kitchen !). I will try again later. I send you a lot of courage and a big hug,

Edna B said...

Gosh, you certainly had a busy weekend. I have to say that at least it was not boring. lol. When the ceiling is fixed, make sure they check for water damage between your ceiling and the floor above it. All that "wet" can make mold to grow.

Kyra, I love your page background. I think that seagulls are some of the most interesting birds. I'm still at work. The days are really getting shorter because it is 5:30 a.m. and the sky is still dark. It is sad to see the summer fading away. Ah well, now I'm off to post my own blog. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Mats World said...

O no! You just finished all that hard work to be destroyed by someone so inconsiderate! City offices here have the owner of properties and their contact numbers that they call if a building is leased. You did the right thing by calling the police to stop a flood happening to your place! I hope they do compensate you for your troubles and destruction!
Thanks for stopping by this morning! And a big thank you for the NS kit this of my very favorite colors since it is the "rage" right living room is done in more pastel color of this and my bedroom in this shocking bright color....LOL! Looks so pretty with the sunlight coming through! Thanks to Arlene as well for her share!
Y'all have a great Monday, chat again on Wednesday! Hugs, Mat

Anonymous said...

Hello it's me again ! just to tell you that I could download Arlene's clusters with Firefox, thanks a lot!! they are beautiful !!
I wish you a quiet and peaceful week, I do hope so.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely items.
Kyra, I hope all is going well and you are able to get some money for paint from your upstairs neighbours...