Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Still in progress with our painting.

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather had a bit of a dip yesterday, it was cloudy almost all day and it even rained.Temperature dropped too a bit, but today it will go up a little bit again. there will be more sun again and oh boy, next two days the forecast is that temperatures will rise terribly high to around 86 F or even 93 F!
I think that is a bit too much, but in the weekend it will drop again to around 77 and that is nice. But I will try not to complain, better this than having to wear thick sweaters and even the central heating on.

Monday was another working day, I was first to get into action, I taped all the parts of glass panels, floor parts etc, so that it would be easier to paint and then Jan did last part of the kitchen and then also part of the hallway.So we are progressing nicely.
Yesterday I even managed to talk Jan into a "day off" LOL. Well, that way the paint coud dry a bit more and it was better for him to have that rest.
Today however will be busy again. I first have to tape off the second part of the hallway,after I cleaned that woodwork.
I'll see how long that will take and if I can do more, may be I'll go to a DIY store not far away to see if I can find wallpaint,because I want to do a lot of walls in the house too.
I will go for a may be little bit more expensive one, that will cover the wall in just one coat. And if possible one not completely white, but with a shade of creme, beige, or something. If not to find(there are, but the ready ones are quite expensive) I could opt to let the market mix a color in the standard white.

Decisions to make, it is aweful sometimes LOL.

Well ladies, I will leave you on that note, want to get started early enough and spend te time wisely!
Today's kit is named Step by Step, soft colors and I just love that little figurine !
Arlene did a wonderful job as usual with some great clusters!

I wonder if I can talk about anything else next post than about painting, hahahaha. Oh well, just bare with me, I hope it will be done in not too long time. I promise to chat sometimes about other things that happen around here or in the world okay?
Have a fantastic day.

Download     HERE

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I hope all goes well with your work and the weather doesn't get too hot for you...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

so very lovely as usual, thanks to you and Arlene for sharing your work with all of us so generously. :)
Your heat temps would be wonderful here, we have a heat advisory up for next 48 hours, because the humidity is up so and the temps don't drop below 80F at night! to be 102F today with index of 108-115...that means staying inside with the drapes pulled and the AC running! I don't like that much heat, but the humidity I detest as it makes my joints ache more! LOL! Just heck getting older, huh?
Well, off to get something accomplished besides sitting on my hiney in front of this computer!
Have a fantastic day, catch ya again on Friday! Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

Another beautiful kit. I love the older couple! By the time Autumn gets here, your whole house will be new again. I think that's wonderful. Just keep taking your time so that neither of you gets sick. I can't wait to see photos when your painting is done. I am still working on my place. The bedroom is almost done, and the living room is partially done. It's slowly getting done.

Thank you, thank you for the beautiful scrap pages. Big big hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very pretty.

HappyScreens said...

So lovely! Your home will be the same when you get everything done. I'm looking forward to the pictures of "House Beautiful".