Monday, July 29, 2013

Raindrops kept falling on my head!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, the kitchen is getting a better and better look. Jan gave it another coat of paint and did some more
on Friday, and half of the hallway woodwork has been cleaned by me, so we do progress little by little.!
Saturday I thought I could do with some relaxing, and in the morning I went out to get the newspaper and then thought I could walk as well a bit further and have a look around at the market.
That day, the weather was a bit cloudy and rain was expected, so I though it could be clever to take with me a raincoat. Just in case!
And yeah, I was lucky, LOL! By the time I came at the market it began to drip a bit and after a couple of minutes it poured! Gosh, it was as a curtain of rain. So I quickly put on my raincoat, sheltered a bit but then thought: "What the heck, temperature is great, I am wet already a bit, lets walk on and get the things I want"! Did find some great tasting cherries, also some bananas, a piece of cheese, oh yes, bought two little turkish bread snacks with minced meat for the evening, and was strong enough of character to pass my favourite garden flower stand in great speed LOL!
By the time I was done at the market, my trousers were completely soaked, my hair too, It wasn;t raining that hard anymore and by the time I was home, it almost was over.
So first thing to do was changing clothes, dry myself up with a big towel, and then take a coffee.
Later in the afternoon the sun came back and it was lovely weather again.
But again later in the evening we got some thunder and a couple of rainshowers, short ones, but greatly appreciated by the garden.

Yesterday we didn;t do anything, which was wonderful too LOL. I did made another bloglayout, and some preview for clusters Arlene sent me of the newest kits.(She has made some wonders again, you will see).
 We watched a great game of women soccer (European championship final) late afternoon and I made dinner from a new recipee I found.
Here you go ( it's for about 4 persons, so will be easy to adapt if you want for less or more)

1 kg of potatoes
4 eggs
1 lettuce ( I took a bit sturdy lettuce for it, lke a Romaine)
125 ml of creme fraiche
1 lemon

Peel the potatoes. Boil them in salted water for 20 minutes.  Boil the eggs almost hard in about 8 minutes.
Tear the leaves of the lettuce and cut in coarse pieces. Peel the eggs and cut into sections.
Drain the potatoes and mash with potato masher until coarse puree.

 Spoon the creme fraiche and salad through. Add greated  zest of lemon
Season with salt and pepper and leave for a bit warm on the stove for 1 minute.
Divide the stew on the plates and place the eggs on.

P.S I did some extra to it and it tasted well. Makes it a more complete meal.
I took some little dices of bacon, fried them, till the fat was almost gone of the meat, added them with the juice to the stew( so if you do this, take care with adding salt!). And on top of the stew, together with the eggs I layed some slices of ham, (like parma ham, you know the "raw"ham). But you could add as well cooked ham. . 

Well, today I think we will undertake again some painting and cleaning. Already have take two pictures of part of the kitchen, painted, but I'll wait to show, till it is all ready, and then can show old and new.
Time for your freebie now. I should be doing some more on designing, but inspiration is a bit low and I don;t have too much time for it with all that painting and cleaning.. When done with some on a day, I am glad to sit a moment in the garden, or on the couch and watch some tv, knitting at the same time. It helps to avoid that my eyes close during the evening LOL!
Today's kit is named "You are my World", have two previews one of the kit and one the papers and just look at the beauties Arlene has made!
Have a fabulous day!

Download     HERE
(it says in the zip link nr.2, but there is just one file to donwload)

Download     HERE


Edna B said...

I could picture you walking around at the market in the rain. It can be rather fun in the summer time some times. I love the colors in your new kit. The flowers are beautiful. It is quite foggy here, and we are expecting more rain today. Our seasons are changing again. I don't remember Summer being quite so wet all the time. Ah well, the gardens seem to like it just fine. Now it's time to pack up and get ready to go home to Pogo. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Amelia Clark said...

Easy to make!!!

Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful cards.
scrapbooking stores

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these great downloads.
It's good to hear you are taking a rest sometimes from all the work...

Mats World said...

Wow, y'all are really getting on with the renewing of your home. Feels so good though doesn't it? I'm happy for you!
Love, love, love your new blog background, it is so lovely in my favorite colors (my bedroom is in these colors now)!
Thanks for the gifts too the colors are perfect for a photo I am working on for my "sis" Nina's granddaughter! Thanks to Arlene too for her contribution!
Well, it's Monday, so I have some work to do before I can play at the computer.
Have a terrific day, both of you and don't over do it! Hugs, Chat again on Wednesday! Mat

Anonymous said...

As always - Big Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing your beautiful kit.

Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kit.

Anonymous said...

Awesome colors..thanks for sharing your talents!

Carole Holt said...

thanks this kit is so warm and cheerful