Friday, July 05, 2013

It's all about painting

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it is almost weekend and how wonderful is that?
And we can look forward to some really nice summer days.
That is good news for Jan, with his painting plans.
He continued the painting yesterday, ( he took a "day off"on Wednesday) it was good weather for it, specialy in the morning in beginning of the afternoon.
Yes, wednesday was a little bit minor day, almost all day is drizzled a bit, so I took my chance on a dry moment and did shopping.
Yesterday I started with some house work, and then wanted to start painting the kitchen walls( all dried up now after our leak). First I had to repair some little cracks in the wall, and then had to wait a bit to dry. I still had wall paint, but wasn;t sure if it still was good enough. So I checked that and to my disappointment it was too old and not usable anymore.
Damned, I was all prepared and ready for it and now I couldn;t start.
Okay, it will be for anopther day. But I took advantage of the fact that I could reach the top of the kitchen cabinets, and they were in desperate need of some cleaning LOL! Now I only have to put on top again some fresh newspaper, it helps a lot of keeping them rather clean.
All together it wasn;t a waisted day LOL.
Later the weather changed a bit, it became cloudy, and even a bit fresh outside. Still I could make a couple of photos of the garden, of Jan and of my cat.
Here we go:
First one is of Tuesday, Jan starting to paint the window parts.
Next one taken yesterday,

I also took a photo of the new rose I bought the other day, a gorgeous color!
Next one is of a nasturtium, we grown ourselves from some seeds, a wonderful summer color.
There are some more photos, I will save them for another post. But I have made a layout of some photos I took of my cat Brodski. Not always easy to take a good one of him. Sometimes he is sitting, almost contemplating, and it could be a great shot, but just as I want to click, he starts walking towards me. Gone good picture LOL. Still I was able to have a few rather nice ones.

Today we probably will have a quick visit at the market, Jan still needs a bit of paint, and I will go with him to see, if they have there some nice wall paint for the kitchen, also need some wallpaint for outside, e.g. the little shed could do with a new coat.
But I don;t want plain white, not for the kitchen and not for the walls outside. Yeah I know, I am not easy to please LOL. Not sure yet which color it will become, it has to be something lightm of course.
I always can let a paintshop mix a color but I;d rather find it at the market, or a DIY, all ready to use.
And if possible, not for the highest price.
May be tomorrow we will take some time to go to a fair , that will be in a mall not too far away.
Weather should be nice again tomorrow, great to spend some time outside.
So a bit busy days ahead, I shouldn;t spend too much time at the computer today.

I have a real sweet kit for you today, named "From Heaven". Soft colours, and some gorgeous clusters from Arlene.
Have a safe and wonderful day and weekend!

Download   HERE
Download    HERE


Edna B said...

I love the photos, Kyra. Your new rose is gorgeous!! What beautiful color. My brother was a painter by trade, and one of the very best around. I'm sure your house will look great when all the painting is finished. What a wonderful layout of Brodski. He is such a beautiful kitty. I know what you mean though. When Pogo sees me pick up the camera, he puts his head down or runs to me. It's really hard to take a nice photo sometimes. Now I have to finish off my laundry so that I can take my nap. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads.
I hope you managed to get the work done that you planned over the weekend. I like what you have done for the layout of Brodski and your plants look lovely too.
I think the picture of your nasturtium would make a really good cluster or QP if you used the "ladder" part of the support framework for pictures...