Monday, June 24, 2013

Sooooo much wind these days.

Goodmorning everybody!

Okay, we had some real rain showers, the garden was somewhat happy with it LOL. In between the weather, talking temperature, isn;t all too bad, although it's several degrees below normal. But it's such a pity there is sooo much wind. That makes it not fun to be outside.
However yesterday there was a period that it was dry and the sun was shining and that was making it rather nice to be outside for a moment. In our garden we didn;t suffer too much from the wind. So I could give my climbing rose a make over to look decent again. Took out the bloomed flowerhead, it helps to let the rose produce some more buds.
So for an hour or so, it was nice being in the garden. Later clouds came in and some rain every now and then, better to be inside again.
Did a laundry, and also shortened Jan;s last new trouser. Pfffff, I hope that was the last for a longer time now. Well, I think he has enough new ones for the year round.

It was amazing how energetic I felt, the more because somehow Saturday night I had trouble sleeping. I woke up two times, the last time with a starting headache, not fun, so I took a paracetamol, sat for a moment on the couch and decided that it wouldn;t help to go back to bed again, so I took some sleep on the couch, Good idea, finally got some hours and when I woke up, headache was gone too.
After some blogreading and such, took a hot shower, that felt real good, and didn;t do much else that day. I did a bit of designing at the computer, made some previews of new clusters from Arlene she had sent me, watched a bit of sport at tv and finally made dinner.
I collected a little harvest from our own sugar snaps, not enough for both of us, so I mixed it with a red paprika and some onion, stir fried them and oh it tasted so well. The sugar snaps were so sweet, definately have to plant more mext year!
Made a chicken filet, filled with salami and some left over from a camembert, and some boiled potatoes to it. And last, but surely nt least I had strawberries for the desert. It were the first we had this year, and with some iced sugar and whipped cream, they tasted delicious!
I had quit a full stomach after this all LOL!

Just had a nice mail from Heidi too. Her daughter Séverine, takes judo lessons. She seems to do rather good, and Saturday she had another exam to do. And she did very well. At the moment she has the orange belt, but did this exam so well that she skipped the two following slips to it and already has the brown slip. I am so proud of her!.

Tomorrow will be a bit of exciting day, then Jan has to go to the doctor of the health security, we'll sdee what this guy decides for Jan. Can he stay for a longer time in the health insurance stuff, or should he go working again, perhaps partly, or do they have another solution for him. I don;t think Jan can go back to the home care, that won;t do. Before worrying about that, we just have to wait the opinion of that doctor. Cross fingers it will be a descent solution.

Today I think I won't offer you a kit, but a 5 quickpages I;ve made of a kit Beauiful Souls.( I think I offered that one in February). And I have two downloads from Arlene for you. She sometimes sends me some work she made from several of my kits together, and she makes beautiful stuff with it. This time two sets of pageborders for you.
So I hope you still are a bit happy with these freebies, promise that Wednesday I will have another kit for you.
Have a lovely Monday, till later!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

A big thank you for the Quick pages and for Arlene's gorgeous borders too! Very lovely!
Glad you had weather that allowed you to prune the roses and give your garden a drink too. Bet you are glad you got all that hemming of his trousers done as well.
Been rather busy this morning so getting a late start on my blogs, but gonna hurry caused now that I have stopped....I am so sleepy I think I need a good nap...LOL! Can you say LAZY? LOL! Catch you on Wednesday! hugs, Mat

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Hello Kyra and Arlene, Thank you both for these lovely downloads.
You both are very talented and creative...

Anonymous said...

thank you for the page borders. really needed them.